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Exhibitionism Started With A Game Of Truth Or Dare

I was looking through my stories and realized I had forgotten to tell this one from when I was younger.
I was thirteen or fourteen, on an academic team, and we won our local region to go on to the state level. It was about four hours away, and our families actually got together and rented a house for the week for us. There were two guys and four girls on the team, and a whole evening to ourselves the night before the competition. Our coach/chaperone told us that we needed to relax and hang out. There was a hot tub out on the deck that we made quick notice and use of. We all changed into our bathing suits and met back up at the hot tub. We were all pretty mature for our age, so our coach went to the store to get some groceries and she left us alone in the hot tub. And as twelve to thirteen year olds left alone in a hot tub are wont to do, a game of truth or dare started up.
There were two guys and four girls, so at first, us guys thought we had good odds. Now, we were thirteen, and with little experience, so we weren’t sure where those odds might lead, but we thought four girls to two guys was a good thing. It didn’t occur to us that they’d gang up on us. The first round was pretty tame, some confessions here and there, before someone finally dared me and another girl to kiss. She came over and sat on my lap and was very aggressive with it. As most thirteen year old boys would do with a bikini clad girl sitting on their lap with a tongue down their throats, I began to raise my attention in my shorts. She eventually broke the kiss, looked down, and said, “I know what my dare for you is going to be.”
Of course, when it came to her turn, she asked me, and I knew I had to choose dare, or be branded as a chicken. She smiled, and said, “I want to see your shorts.” When I looked at her funny, because I knew she had seen them when I got in, she held out her arm and finished the dare with, “…in my hand.” I’m sure I blushed real hard, but I slipped them off without getting out of the water and handed them over to her. “Good,” she said, and hung them off the edge of the hot tub behind her and leaned against them.
The girls then huddled up, and my friend and I looked at each other, knowing they were strategizing whether they were going to make me do something in my new outfit or get him in the same state of undress first. They opted for two naked guys instead of one. My friend did have to stand up to take his shorts off, but he turned around, so they only saw his *** before he sat back down. As they girls were planning their next dare, our coach came back, and said that she had a lot of groceries and needed us to bring them in, because she was about to fall asleep.
The girls looked at us with a twinkle in their eyes and an evil smile on their faces. “You heard her, let’s go get the groceries.” They got up, grabbed our shorts and towels, and walked away. My friend looked at me and just shook his head. “I don’t know if I can do it.”
I told him it would be alright, if he didn’t, he could use the groceries to hide himself. I had actually been standing up the whole time, out in the open. When he got up, we heard a round of applause. He covered himself and ran behind the hot tub. I covered myself out of instinct. “We’ve already seen all of you, and Ms. Smith is in her bedroom snoring, you might as well drop the hands.”
I did, but my friend was still shy, and even walked down to the car with himself in his hands. The place had a garage, so we didn’t have to worry about others spotting us. The other guy quickly grabbed some bags to cover himself up with. I tried to be a little more casual about it, but when I started to stiffen from the girls watching, I covered up a little bit. The girls went ahead to make sure the adults didn’t wake up to see us and get us in trouble.
After we were finished carrying the groceries upstairs, the girls said it was time to finish the game. Kevin was still covering himself and looked really distressed. I took mercy on him and asked the girls to let him get dressed again. They conferred, and agreed, but only if I only took dares and didn’t give any myself for the rest of the night, making it effectively one on three naked truth or dare. I agreed, and Kevin ran back to our room and grabbed some shorts and came back to watch.
At this point, everyone had seen everything, so I didn’t even try to cover up when I sat down, and they weren’t shy about staring. The first girl said, “I want to see it in motion, do some jumping jacks.” That lead to me essentially doing a workout in front of them completely naked, doing the jumping jacks, sit ups, pushups, pull ups, running in place, and anything they could think of to get me flopping around. They even got me to do a handstand, so they could see it fall on my stomach. It had gone from one on three truth or dare to order the naked boy what to do.
Then they decided to make it risky. They had me go up and get them drinks, which would take two trips to the kitchen next door to the coach’s room, without a lookout. They all had to have ice too, which of course made it more of a chance that the coach would wake up and see me. I was as quiet as I could be, but nothing could make the ice dispenser quiet. I made it through the first trip undetected, but still had another to do. I went up the second time, and nothing looked amiss, so I went on, more confident but still trying to keep quiet. When I was finished, I turned around to find the coach staring at me with a smile on her face. She said, “I thought I heard someone in here.” I tried to cover myself, but I had a glass in each hand. She told me not to worry about it, she’d seen naked men before, and that she watched my previous trip to the kitchen, awoken by the ice dispenser, opened the door to see me from the back, then kept it just wide enough to watch the rest. She said that she didn’t care, she figured we’d do truth or dare and that someone would get naked, and that as long as it was just low key stuff like that, she wouldn’t tell anyone if I didn’t. I thanked her and went downstairs.
I told my friends that I thought I might have heard the door open, but I wasn’t sure, so hopefully they wouldn’t keep making it as risky. They didn’t send me back upstairs, but they did have other plans for me, though from an unlikely source.
As the girls were trying to come up with something for me, the other guy piped up, you know, the one I took mercy on and agreed to become a naked entertainment so he could get dressed. “Make him streak,” he said. The girls hopped on it, there were about five more houses on the street we were on until a highway, with a stop light, so they decided that I was going to streak to the stop light, do five jumping jacks facing traffic, and then run back. I tried to protest, saying that a cop could ride by and arrest me, but they just added five more jumping jacks every time I said something. I was up to twenty before I stopped trying to reason with them. As I stepped out into the night air and was looking at the lights on in the houses between the highway and the cars out there, he tacked on another ten. I glared at him and started running toward the street.
Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I was getting to the light, it turned yellow, then red. Thankfully, it wasn’t the middle of the day, but there were still several cars that stopped and watched me do thirty jumping jacks on the corner. There was one cry of “put some clothes on,” but many more yells of encouragement and honking horns. I even took a bow before I ran back to the house.
When I got back, my friends ran inside and locked the door. I tried every door and window until I found them standing behind a sliding glass door on the middle floor facing the road. They told me that every door was locked except the top floor, but that the coach was watching TV up there. I could either walk through up there, or ********** for them and they’d let me in there. I hadn’t realized it, but the encouragement of the light had given me an erection. I thought about it, and agreed, if it was the last one. They said ok and were entranced as I completed my part of the dare. As soon as we cleaned up the glass door and I got dressed, our coach yelled down to us that we needed to go to bed. I slept good that night.
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Wow! Omg!!! That story caused me to have a wet dream, while I was awake. It took me a moment to recover from that 1.
Anyways, I've never been outdoors before. Infact, my brother & my dad are pretty much the only 1s that have ever seen me nakid, before. But I'm planning my 1st outdoor experience within the next few days, & I'll be sure to post a story, telling about it.
That being said, I've always felt that, while I want to do this, I never want to do it where there is a high probability that some1 that I know will see me. But this story just expanded my boundaries a bit. I still don't want to be caught by some1 I know... but if some1 that I know were to dare me, that, I can see, might be something I might consider. Thanks for sharing this amazing story.

I really have to say i admire your courage and sense of sportsmanship. I don't believe I could have done it.

You really are a lucky guy