Finally **** Outside

So last night, was the first time me and my bf ****** outside. My bf was emptying the trash can for a midnight garbage run. I watched him as he gathered the trash with only his shorts on and a t-shirt. Every time he bent over, I could see the very top of his behind, which really was turning me on. After he tied the last bag of trash, he put on this fitted t-shirt that stopped right above hit print, that you could clearly see because he wasn't wearing his boxer briefs. I wanted him right then and there, but I knew it would be more exciting to do him outside.

As he grabbed for the door, i grab him from behind and reach for his ****, so that he could be nice and hard for me when I surprised him with an outside ****. Ive always wanted to have passionate sex outside but never had the opportunity and didn't know if my bf would go for it. Anyway, I rubbed my D cups all over his back white i was stroking his rising ****. My ***** was pulsating for him, so I dropped his pants right there and take him deep into my mouth. He was moaning so loud, and was really into this mouth surprise. I only gave him just enough licks and sucks so that he would be in a hurry outside so that he could come and get his wet *****.

He didn't want to leave but I insisted that he take the trash out. As soon as he left out the back door, I hurried and put on a summer dress, that was low cut so my ******* were barely covered, and took off my wet panties. I ran outside and caught him right as he was closing the trash cover. When he turned around, i unzipped the front of my dress so that my **** were exposed. The cool air on my **** made my ******* even harder. He was shocked and before he could ask me what I was doing, I grabbed his head and kissed him so hard. I turned around so that he could enter my dripping wet *****, and he slipped in with no problems. He was so hard and excited that he almost **** right there, but I pulled away so that he would slow down. We continued going at it for a bout 5min, until he couldn't hold his load anymore. It was the best **** yet. He insisted that the next time we would do it in the rain. I love this guy....
mystiqueLyfe mystiqueLyfe
26-30, F
Sep 13, 2012