Naughty Drive

So i was walking around my neighborhood. I was so freaking wet and horny. As I was walking I noticed a city vehicle. Ive never seen on like that one so i kept staring. Well the guy driving the truck noticed me as he was driving by. He immediately stopped in the middle of the intersection, and almost cause the car behind him to run into his van. I kind of smirked, but kept walking.

About 5min later I notice the same van coming from a different direction. When he saw me coming, he stopped and waited for me to walk by the van. As I approached the van he never said anything to me, although I wish he would've. Since he was blocking the intersection he had to pull off. I was secretly wishing that he would pull back around to say something to me
, and give me an opportunity to flash him a peek of what he really wanted to see.

Then i started to fantasize about him following me to my house. He would watch to see what house I went to so that he could drop by. I wanted him to knock on the door, and to tell me that he just had to see me again and that he had to have me.
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Yes please add all of us exhibitionists! We share so much. We are a community that you belong to. Admit it and join us fully. Please!

Fantastic.You rock !! This is so boldly erotic.
Please add me, would love to be friends
Love n Hugs

I've circled the block a couple of times myself...maybe next time I should

You're honnest about your desire and that's rare, I appreciate it. Keep on fantasizing, it will turn true one day. Reality is made of dreams. Cheers.

I would have said something and not jst errrr unnnnn errrrr nuthin, what an idiot

That was an excellent story, Mystique. I admire the way that you can write.

Thanks, I love to write.

Please share more.

Wish I was that man. He does not even realise ....what he has just missed

i know ;)


Sometimes words aren't needed to get the message across

I AM that man, and I am knocking, right now....