Tricked My Aunt Into Letting Me Flash Her

When I was 14 I stayed with my aunt and her family for 2 weeks during the summer. I was a really horny kid and I had been ************ for several years already. I was aware that I had an exhibitionist streak even then, but I just didn't have a name for it. In my mind, it was just "being naughty".

Anyway, I figured out a way to get my aunt to look at my **** and balls up close. She was my father's sister, but that didn't matter to me one bit. Every night she wore a silky, sheer nightgown and when the light was just right, I could see through it here and there. I pretty much stayed horny all the time back then.

So back to my plan. Her son (my first cousin) and I had been playing outside in the woods all day, and I knew about the dangers of being bitten by ticks. Late that same night, after everyone was asleep, I went into my aunt's bedroom and asked her to help me with something. She stirred, got out of bed and followed me to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom I said that I had a big, fat tick on my "sack" and that I pulled it off but that it was still hurting. I also said that I'd heard that if you just pull it off that the head would get stuck in your skin but I couldn't see down there and I was frightened. Without hesitation she said, "let me see it". So I did.

I remember her sitting on the edge of the tub while I stood directly in front of her. I was a big, strapping boy of 14 and I was horny as hell, thinking that I was about to flash my aunt. I pulled my pajamas and underwear down and just put my hands on my hips while I explained what happened. While I was explaining, she gingerly held my **** out of the way (which was about half-hard) to get a good look at my balls.

"I was lying in bed going to sleep but I was burning and itching so I reached down there and felt something. I didn't know what it was so I pulled it off", I lied.

She began asking me things like, "where was it? I can't see it. It doesn't look red or anything".

I began to grow very hard while she was handling me. She was definitely trying to be clinical about it.

I made up something about throwing the tick down the toilet and that my "sack" still hurt and I was afraid that I didn't get the whole thing off me. She really investigated me good. She felt my balls all over to be sure that none of it was left in there. I was hard as a rock. She eventually said she thought that I must have gotten all of it, because she couldn't see anything. She sat there while I pulled my underwear and pj's back up, my rock-hard erection pointing to the sky against my belly right in front of her face.

She then got me some tylenol and water, washed her hands and said it was going to be ok. She was so nice. She shooed me back off to bed and told me that if I needed anything else, to just ask.

My heart was beating so fast and I *********** under the covers. I don't think she thought anything of it whatsoever, but I remember how turned on it made me. I was such a horny little kid.
Bluetarnation Bluetarnation
36-40, M
Sep 14, 2012