Accidentally Flashing My *****

I spent 11 hours driving today so by the time I checked into my hotel, my back was killing me. So I decided to do some stretching while I talked to FM on the phone. If you know me, you know I don’t wear too many clothes. Since I spent the day flashing truckers I had a top on that was low cut and a skirt, obviously going commando. So I’m on my hands and knees in my hotel room doing different exercises as I talked to FM. I finished stretching my back so I was doing some leg kicks, some out to the side and some back. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. Who would be knocking on my hotel door? I’m a bit surprised and maybe a bit nervous as I go to the door with my phone in my hand (FM can save me if something happens). FM tells me later because I didn’t remember this but I say hello (with a question in my voice) to the person on the other side of the door. I must be expecting them to answer me but they don’t, so I open my curtain to look out and there is a young black male in a uniform standing outside. Now I can’t confirm this but I thought it was a police uniform but now thinking about it, it may have been a security uniform. So I open the door and I must have looked nervous because the first thing he said, “You aren’t in trouble. I just wanted to suggest you might want to close your curtain the whole way. Somebody could look in and see you.” Okay, at this point I just start laughing and he gets an embarrassed smile on his face. I’m laughing because he obviously saw me stretching my legs out to the side and he got a full view of a bare ***** and ***. I thanked him and told him I would close the curtain. I’m still laughing and he starts to laugh too as he walks off. I close the door, close the curtain ( I swear there was only an inch of it open but I guess that is all it takes to look in) Now why do you think he was looking in? I’m still laughing but then I hear FM say something to me. Very calmly he says, “Hon, I just want to suggest that when you are traveling alone and someone knocks on your door, before you just open it up to whoever is out there, you should ask them who they are and what they want. You don’t say hello to them and just open the door.” At first the only thing I get from his whole statements was that I said hello to this guy. I just cracked up more. I thought I did say something smart like who are you but hello? I told FM that I did look out the window and see a police/security uniform before I opened the door. That makes sense right? FM then says you just don’t open the door without knowing what they want. There was a chain on the door right? You just didn’t open the door right up. Well, there is no chain on the door so of course I just opened it. Okay, looking back, I admit it was a stupid thing to do but come on, see the humor in this. I couldn’t stop laughing as I picture what this guy saw.  I know I spent the whole day flashing my boobs to truckers but I really didn’t plan on flashing my ***** too.  I think I laughed for 10 minutes before I could calm down, FM finally saw the humor in it too. I’d still like to know what this man was doing looking in my window. Was he really doing his good deed by warning me to close my curtain? I just don’t know. It sure is funny though to know he saw me with my leg stretched out to the side and my skirt up over my ***. God, what a view! I’m laughing just thinking about it again.
Oh, in case you are interested, the trucker flashing went great!! I got a lot of attention. I love when they honk and then you get some who can stay along side for awhile. I had one guy write me some notes, “Lift up skirt” and “Want to pull off”. When they are driving right beside me, they can’t see my face, so I got a few who would move up ahead and look back at me and give me a thumbs up or a smile or to gesture for me to follow them off the road. If you check my pics you’ll see I got a few pics of them looking. I didn’t even think to take pics with my ipad until early evening. I wish I would have thought about it earlier! So it was a fun day, makes the driving go so much faster when you can flash all of the fun truck drivers Thanks guys!!
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Nice !! ;)

Love ur story all the way :)
Only pity 'bout the overly concerned officer ...
In stead of asking if your ***** wasn't too hungry :p

That sounds a bit scary but sounds like it all turned out ok! And fun too!! So you spend the day flashing truckers your boobs and no ***** flashing? Come on, you must have had a little more fun! Tell us more!!