I've Really Gone Too Far With My Obscenely See-through Swimming Jammers

I've bought a pair of swimming jammers, the type of swimwear the olympic swimmers wear.  Jammers are a bit like cycling shorts but without the padding.  They are made of tight lycra and all there is to hide the swimmers modesty is a second thin layer of lycra at the front.

The jammers I bought were made to be race thin to reduce drag.  Race thin means they are made of very thin light-weight lycra which is already pretty see-through, which is why the cameras at the Olympics didn't show anything lower than the waist - and never when the swimmers were bent over on their blocks.

I chose a make which produces quite a lot of sexy jammers.  All of the range are extremely small and very tight because of international size differences but I wanted to go further than just tight and chose a style made to be even thinner than most of the normal thin race jammers.  There was even a warning that these jammers were tight and thin.  Some of the buyer feedback even complained they were far too tight - 4 sizes smaller than European equivalent sizes - and much too see-through!  Some feedback said they would now have to add a lining before they could wear them.  Perfect I thought.  Here was the making of my ideal shorts.  I chose my size carefully but of course I just had to downsize at least one size and arguably two sizes smaller than my actual waist size just to make sure my jammers would be impossibly tight - and to make absolutely sure they would also be stretched ultra thin over every bit of my thighs arse and crotch.  The excitement mounted as I waited delivery.

After struggling a bit with the tight waistband at last I had them on.  I couldn't believe just how see-through these jammers became.  It was such a rush as I thought finally I've a pair of shorts which look just like the lycra shorts the gym girl in one of my stories had on, the girl whose shorts just vanished to nothing when she bent over.  Now mine are just as see-through, perhaps even more see-through without even bending over!!  I was alarmed and excited to see you could read the wash label through the back of my jammers.  You could see the whiteness of my legs, thights and butt-cheeks through the lycra.  These jammers aren't vaguely see-through giving a hint of whats ubderneath.  In these jammers every single hair on both butt cheeks and my butt crack is clearly visible without any bending.  When I go for a walk round the pool or beach the full length of my arse crack would be visible and unmistakeable even some distance away.  If I had a tattoo on my leg or arse it would show though in every detail and colour! 

You could just about see my penis through the two layers of lycra.  But was I ready to keep the front lining?  Not likely!  In a moment of excited madness I cut it all out.  So now my co-ck and balls are completely visible, with every detail on show.  You can see all of my helmet outlined by its distinct mushroom ridge.  Even my pi-ss slit dividing my knob into hemispheres shows clearly through the lycra!

I can't wait to wear them in public for the first time.  The material is just too thin, mesh-like and water resistant to soak anything up.  So when I start to ooze in excitement as I already have and know I will my ji-zz will seep through the mesh in small droplets.  My juices will cover the lycra over my glistening knob like shiny drops of dew or glitter.  I think I will have to point my shaft down if I wear my jammers in a swimming pool which I'm really daring myself to do this year.

I can't wait to bend over in front of a fit girl in the pool or beach and check her out.  I want to see her expression change to shock or most probably excitement as she sees all my arse and arse crack clearly.  And if I shave or wax my arse crack completely I'm convinced that as I bend right over she'd see my puckered sphincter quite clearly through the thin gauze as these jammers can't hide even the smallest detail at all.  I 'd love to see if her eyes stay glued to my jammers, ready for a treat when I turn and face her.  Shame I like nudist beaches so much.  I think that I'll wear them before I str-ip nude on European beaches.  And I'm going to make sure my excited penis is pointing right up so that when I walk past the girls every throbbing inch and every ridge and vein clearly stands out in the bright bright sunshine!

These jammers are so sexy and really fire my exhibitionism I might go out running or cycling in them.  I am even tempted to buy the next size down as I'm sure I will be able to put them on even though they will be fantastically tight to put on and stretched until they almost split and tear.  But the payback will be a pair of jammers which are even thinner and even more see-through over my penis and arse.

My penis pointing down - safer in the public swimming pools

Ready for the beach and ready to show everything clearly.

What's that, 30 degree wash only?

Not the best shot, but I can't get my camera to focus property.  But there's nothing hidden as even the strange patch of shadow is where my arse crack widens.

Looking down I can see straight through the material!

Certainly flash or bright sunshine highlights everything underneath much more clearly but as this shot shows even without a flash you can see everything.  Sorry its a bit blurred but without a flash its hard to get the exposure right!  Ha!!  Anyway I'm excited at the idea of wearing these on a Spanish or Greek beach!

PS Here's a view of the new even smaller and tighter pair I bought.  I'm sure my original pair is just as thin and see-through as these but this shot of these new splitting tight jammers show that they really can't hide anything at all.  I've taken the thin front lining out too, so my exhibitionism is total and not spoiled in any way - although I have to point down otherwise I'd be banned!   Though you can still see my pubic hair and the base of my shaft as it curves away between my legs.  I just had to wear them to the gym pool this week!  You can really see just how wide open and and clear-through the mesh is stretched - at the back and now exactly the same as this at the front! 

Remember these jammers are sold as small, race tight and ultra thin, but there's really no hiding anything with a pair 3 sizes too small when the stitching thins and pulls wide apart like this.

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Hi Weaselhunter, could you share with me where to buy these jammers? I have PM'ed you. Thanks!

I've just been looking online to see if I can get another pair of my black skintight see through competition jammers and I've found another make. The photos show them just as see-through and just as thin as mine as you can just see the writing on the label right through the fabric. There's the same sort of buyer feedback, around a dozen buyers saying the jammers are sized way too small and tight. No difference so far, but these jammers are available in a range of light colours such as red, light green. orange and yellow! Perfect! I've absolutely got to buy a pair of way too small and too tight orange or yellow jammers and I really hope they completely disappear on me when I get them wet! I wonder if I dare cut the lining out of these! Watch this space...

I went to the gym in my jammers and a short T shirt again and yet again the feeling was sublimely erotic. Just to give one example, I turned a corner and was met by a tasty girl sat down some distance ahead of me. Her eyes shot from my face to my groin and penis in a flash the split second I appeared. I had to walk right by her to go to the weight room so I watched her eyes the whole time I approached her. They didn't move from my co-ck for one moment! I could sense her turning slightly as I passed by her so I'm alsolutely sure she naturally wanted to check out my butt as well so I'm convinced once she saw what was on view her eyes must have been glued to my arse cheeks and arse crack as I carried on walking away from her.

Of couse its instinctive of girls to check out the guys especially in a gym, but wearing my fantastically skintight jammers which as you can see from the pictures above are nothing more than see-through mesh at the front and back, not even hiding the label all the way from the waist band right to the knee grippers I just know she got to see a whole lot more than she could ever have been expecting! And her laser-like eyes certainly turned me on big-time if you get my drift! She kept popping back into the weight room a couple of times and I'm sure she only did that to check me out again! Only my T shirt provided some modesty. Until I went in the pool and sauna.

Incredibly the same girl later appeared and sat by the pool, watching me like a hawk every time I got out of the pool. When I checked myself out in the mirror I was excited to see what she could see. Now that I was without the limited protection of my T shirt, I could clearly see my penis pointing onto my thigh with the ridge of my unsheathed knob pressing hard against the thin mesh, making the lycra stretch even thinner and paler over my helmet, so that my bell-end really was first thing you could see. Even though I was in a pretty flaccid state straight from the shower, I knew she would have seen far more as soon as my shaft grew and stretched the thin material even more.

After a while I was getting really turned on but I made sure I got in and out of the pool every few minutes just to give her a good view of my penis. I even placed my drink near the wall about 10-15 feet in front of her so I had to bend over a couple of times to pick it up and place it back. I knew this would give her an unbelievably shocking view, making the mesh stretch even thinner as my buttocks bent and making my jammers even more see-through over my arse - although that seems hard to believe! At the same time I knew that this bending would ensure my arse cheeks would splay wide apart, esposing even the deepest part of my arse-crack. I was certain that in the brightly lit pool area this would give her and everyone else in the pool an almost nude view of my arse and ensure she saw the only erotic zone she had not yet seen - my puckered up bum-hole.

I had to keep taking plenty of cold showers just to cool down but I was soon clearly getting very engorged each time I walked back to the far end of the pool right past her! Although she was far more furtive as she tried to look as though she was reading a magazine and sipping a drink, her eyes never moved from my growing co-ck as I approached her. Her eyes worked like magic and the second she looked at my penis I could feel my shaft expand in obedient response, giving her an even better view!

All this repeated excitement and cooling meant that all of my jammers from almost my balls to the centre of my left thigh and quite few inches down my thigh remained a wet-look gloopy and shiny mess. This wasn't water from the pool or the shower making my shorts shiny, as the water had already drained off as I walked round the pool. The rest of my jammers just looked like a damp matt black. No this wasn't water, it was pre-c-um which had seeped out of my peeled back knob uncontrollably with each shower. Every time I took a cold shower my knob shrank and the ji-zz just poured out of my shaft! Indeed the showers seem to make matters worse in another way as they helped my slimy ji-zz seep in between the strands of the very porous open mesh across a shockingly large area of the front of my unlined jammers.

My mesh-like jammers seemed to hold onto my slippery juices like a good pasta shape holds its sauce! This time there could be no doubt in anyone's mind what the slimy patch really was! The girl certainly got to see every inch of my stiffening co-ck right through my ji-zz soaked jammers. She got to see far more than she could ever have hoped for and could see very clearly the effects she was having on my excited co-ck!

Nice pair! Great bulge!!

I think !'ve deleted a comment - sorry!

Yes they certainly are thin! It's really great wearing my skintight see-through jammers to the gym instead of cycling shorts with nothing underneath - or no loose shorts over the top to hide what's on display. My impossibly small and super thin pair of jammers I bought recently felt so fantastically tight all over!

Looking down while on the bike in the brightly lit gym I could see every individual hair on my legs quite distinctly - from my knees upto and including my curly pubes which I'd thinned and trimmed so as not to conceal any spherical details! So I just knew there wasn't even a square centimetre of my lower body, front or back which was hidden from view by my jammers - without anyone even having to look very closely or intently. I just acted dumb, pretending I hadn't even realised they were so obscenely see-through and all the while I was fantastically turned on by my way-too daring exhibitionism.

When I bent over with dumbells I just knew every bit of my arse and all of my arse crack was completely visible to the girls behind me! And I even pointed my skinned back penis to the left and slightly upwards not down between my legs this time, so with not a shred of the front lining since I cut it all out I could see my co-ck and balls was also pretty easy to spot below my T shirt and definitely visible in one of the mirrors when my T shirt lifted as I stretched with the weights! I saw half a dozen pairs of female eyes lock onto my excited penis on each of the nearly 50 repetitions as I lifted my weights above my head. I could feel my penis pushing against it's ultra tight sheath. I could see the already ridiculously thin mesh-like lycra stretch even thinner as my bulge grew with each lift as I became ever more excited by the girl's continued and unwavering stares. You could say it was a sublimely erotic circle - certainly not a vicious one. As my shaft stretched the gauze even thinner and clearer as it grew and slid against the squeezing tightness, the ever more explicit view on offer only seem to add to the girls' excitement - which in turn certainly excited my penis even more!

As a result I left the gym with a fairly large and super glistening sticky wet patch over the end of my helmet. I could do nothing to hide my shiny wet spot from the girls at all, as my slimy ji-zz had oozed freely through the thin mesh with no lining to stop it. I couldn't hide it or dry it! So my slicked up and shiny knob was unmissable below the hem of my shirt as it looked like a coin sized splash of glossy syrup in the bright lights!

I was even wetter and slippier as I came out of the pool later. The ji-zz had spread into the fabric and covered an oval around my helmet around 3 inches long and around 2 inches wide showing exactly how much my co-ck had expanded. This patch of fabric around my knob end remained mega slimy and therefore super shiny long after all the water had drained from the rest of my jammers, making my excitement all the more obvious to the girls in the pool. The glossy slime was the first thing I could see in the mirrors! It just wouldn't go away or dry out, in fact it seemed to me to get larger and even shinier. Not surprising as my knob just oozed every time I had a cold shower to cool my ardour. Beleive me I needed quite a few cold showers!

I did think my jammers looked darker and less see through when wet, but not a bit of it. Sure I can't see the hairs on my legs when my jammers are wet but checking myself out in the mirror as I came out of the shower there can be absolutely no mistaking my penis, butt cheeks or arse crack whether wet or dry!

I went into the sauna and soon a couple of girls from the pool sat opposite. Ckecking myself out all I could see across my upper thigh and groin was a huge patch of slime looking like glossy wet varnish! The girls gave my penis and its shiny sheath sly glances and passed each other knowing smiles, occasionally wispering to each other. My co-ck had subsided a little before they entered but soon looked like a mid-sized banana with their furtive attention! I just can't wait to go again!

it will not only be the girls that change exspession just think what it will do to all us male **** and butt lovers but thankyou keep wearing them and defo on european beaches

Well I did cut the lining out of the even smallerr and tighter stretched pair I bought and have since worn them to the pool! Though they do seem to go darker when wet (the reverse of what you might expect!) so I can get away with it... Though there's not doubting they are see though with the white label showing right through!

I got the next size down which must be at least 3 sizes too small as don't forget the range is already very small and tight! This second pair of race jammers which are sold as tight and thin when correctly sized, are now incredibly tight, far thinner looking and much more see-through. That's before I start wearing, stretching and washing them which can only make the fabric even thinner and the mesh even wider open. I don't know if I dare cut the lining out as I might not be able to wear them other than on a nudist beach! But I am very tempted to go for the scissors! What do you think I should do?

I agree with you - even if it doesn't look like it. That's why I'm pointing down anywhere I could get banned, but my exhibitionism pushes me to the limits of what I can get away with! My view is these jammers were made to be worn even with an obscenely thin back. I play it as though naively I don't realise how extremely dangerously see-through they are as I can't see round the back!

Wow, someone like me!

Whenever I buy a new bikini, I always cut out the inner lining so as to show more. But I've never seen anyone else on the beach like you or me.

I'm a little careful to not make it too obvious however. It's more fun if it seems natural.

This weekend I went to the pool in my jammers! Wow!! It was exciting to get them wet at last. I pointed my penis down as I couldn't dare place it upright yet. I'm not sure but I think my jammers looked less see-through to me but it was still a thrill. I went into the sauna twice and found myself watched by three females as I left. I'm sure that as I got up in front of them to leave they must have got an eye-full as even wet my jammers couldn't have hidden any of my arse or my arse crack. Let's face it, the almost readable white label clearly showing through the super thin material would have been unmissable and must have immediately concentrated the gaze of even the most distracted of females!

Yes they are! I wore them to the gym with a longish T shirt to cover my modesty but I was still amazed and excited at just how clearly I could see my fingers through the lycra when I pulled the leg grips down and just how clearly each individual hair on my legs showed right through while cycling and rowing! It can't have gone unnoticed by fellow gymmers. Next step has to be off with the T and into the pool for all to see!

Those definitely see thru!