Subtle One I Guess

I like to wear short skirts, low cut tops, i like to bend over in a shop giving the guy bored with his wifes endless hsopping a little thrill... A couple of times I have changed in the cubice and not properly closed the curtain so I know people can see. When I lived with my parents we lived on a busy road, I would put my bedroom light on and not close the curtains and then just carry on as normal, it was great knowing people could see all sorts of things!
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I once lived on a dead end street. The newspaper would be delivered by a female at 5 am every morning. She would drive toward the end of the street throwing newspapers out her window. She would turn around and drive back past my house.

One morning I decided to pick up the paper timing it as she was just driving back past my house. I was completely nude. She couldn't help but see me. I did this several times over 5 or 6 months. I was so nervous she might call the Police, but she never did.

That is very hot!

I would luv to see u

what was that address? and can I get a stop sign placed in front of your house?

would like to hear more stories like that, and people reactions.

fun rush isn't it...
knowing that you can or might be seen...

just as much fun to look and hope to see...

thanks for the inspiration

that was me in college!

I love the way you think, especially about giving a married a treat for being a dutiful hubby
and enduring the "shopping" especially when its clothes.

Stupid morons on this site dont recognise a fake when they see it - and a coward.<br />
If it isnt a stupid man writing - then it is definitively a pervert<br />
Horny losers are so desperate to believe a woman could be sexual that they dont care she is a pervert and coward - imagine this was a man writing (or likely - rather that the man writing as himself) You would find him ridiculous and pathetic -<br />
in fact you are finding who ever it is pathetic and a pervert - they are whatever gender<br />
the freaks on this board are just so screwed up that they are conditioned to think females cant be sex offenders and only men are - in spite of all the evidence that says it is mostly women. <br />
Did no one think to flag this?

you enjoy it so do it more and show more. live life as fully as you can. don't let others make you feel bad. to some cheap and nasty is a good thing, not bad. i would love having a gf who did sexual and exciting things. others may label it cheap, nasty, perverted, etc.. their loss. if you were my gf and you had just been shared and used i'd want and cherish you even more.

great! please add me , we share the sme interest

a woman after my own heart! <br />
there is a woman who lives opposite me, stright dark hair, pretty spanish looking and every Friday at 4ish she takes a shower and then spends 30minnutes or so by the window where she has a small mirror and what looks like to me she plucks her eye brows...the best part is, the windows, in dull light, are tinted, but when the sun shines on it direct like it does at 4pm it illuminates the whole room, so there she is completely naked, with a superb body and trimmed ***** its very hard indeed ;) Im thinking if she knows she can be seen as many people could see her...we all know where i am at 4pm on a friday! x

I am tryin to get my wife to share. The thought turns me on to no end. I want all of her filled, strangers, friends. To hold her and look into her eyes while she's being invaded by as many as she can handle. What must I do to see this through? How do I approach this?

Sure that all will say that you are so beautiful althought they do not see you before or know you.But my advice to you is to do that just for your husband i mean the person who will give you his life.

Love when wife flashes ***** in store!!

You should be praised w hen shared

So very lovely

you can flash me any time.

Kelly you sound like a lot of fun. Flashing in a classy and teasing way is extremely sexy for the man. Regardless of the activity, its the responsibility of the man to always make the lady feel comfortable and respected...

Dang, I really hate shopping with my wife...maybe if more women like you made my day, I would go shopping more often LOL

Big kudo's

I would love to happen upon the outside of a changing room where you were being naughty.

So true, female exhibitionists are hard to find, but worth it when you do!

I love female exhibitionists soooo much. Shame they are so few and far between.

I wish my neighbors had the same beliefs as you! It is rather thrilling to think about!

Your man should look after you, care for you and suport you all the way, not make you feel bad. If he does not, you are with the wrong man! Wicedman, my fella is 100% for me, and behind everything I do, and shares my pleasures, and supports me totally. P.S. We should chat, we are uk, and enjoy similar things I think!

I have also offered a peek to bored men shopping with their wives and also keep the curtains parted just enough to be seen when changing. I've even gone so far as to try something on when I didn't have anything to try on, just because I knew someone would see. It's a simple pleasure and I am happy to enjoy it, like you.

Perfect. I thank you and all girls like you, for all those hard-ons! Don't stop!

Mmm i'd love to be around someone like you :) I used to live in a house that looked back on the back of another house. Every time one of the women went into the bathroom to shower you could see almost everything through the frosted window. It wasn't overly opaque like the others. How I wish I could view that everyday.

You sound like a lot of fun and with a great attitude.

What in the world was done to you for you to feel awful afterwards? To be shared is a gift to all those lucky to see it. I'm so sorry you were treated well because of it. I would look after you, before you, however I needed to in order for you to feel comfortable with the situation. If you're not comfortable, you won't want to share. I wish I could see a pic of you but instead I'll allow my mind to conjure up an image.

I can honestly say that i would do this all the time too but i would be afraid of someone seeing me and being offended and calling the police or sumthing. Aren't you even a little afraid of that happening to you?

First off, exhibitionism is an amazing turn on for both men and women. I know of women who live to become the voyeur for an exhibionist male. Secondly, it was up to your bf or husband to ensure that you were not made to feel cheap or nasty after sharing, after all both the human body and sex are extremely beautifull experiences when shared with the right people. I for one believe whole heartedly in a completely open relationship and everyone relaxing and enjoying life. <br />
So please on behalf of all of us exhibionist keep it up.

Hi everyone. sorry about my english but I will try.<br />
Years ago i was at the beach and after surfing, while I was drying me, I saw a girl close to me. So, I let my towel fall and she saw me naked. She smiled and walked away.Oh I was so exciting to me.<br />
Besides, I always change clothes with the window open and let my neighbor to spy.<br />
Bye<br />

Dang! Wish I live in the neighborhood! Would of love to look in your window. I do the same. Seems to work well. Let me know the next time you leave the lights on, I will be right over! lol

YOu should do what every turns you and and makes you happy not what makes your other half happy


I spent a good portion of my time exhibiting myself to the people who lived opposite me. In just about every place I have lived, From Glasgow to the South of England,there have been people who liked to watch and be watched. There is nothing more exciting than living opposite a woman who leaves the curtains open then parades around naked knowing that I am rubbing a very hard **** watching the show, then letting them watch me as I walk into view and let them see what I am doing. Wished you lived across the street from me, I`d be walking around naked for you too...and much more.

Kelly, if you are in a state with attendants at the gas pump, have you ever showed a leg or breast accidently while waiting? I guess you could do some of that when someone else is tending the gas.

and id like to share ya

some things you should look into.. going to some nudist resorts.. If the magazine H&E (Health & Efficiency ??) is still around in the UK, it may give you some ideas. <br />
Check with any local colleges to see if the art depts need nude models. These are a few things I have done.<br />
<br />
I love the idea of you shopping and bending over. Wish it would happen more

Wish you were my neighbor ... and friend ...LOL! I'd take you shoppimg all the time!

Have to agree the rush from entertaining people in the nude is very nice. Sorry you had the bad experience after being shared...being shared after a performance is excellent.

Have to agree the rush from entertaining people in the nude is very nice. Sorry you had the bad experience after being shared...being shared after a performance is excellent.

I know exactly how you feel. Have you ever considered walking naked in public - somewhere where people can see you full on? Have you ever considered doing a little striptease - perhaps at a small private gathering. I do a little striptease for private groups & the buzz you get when you're the centre of attention purely because you're completely naked amongst a group of fully clothed people is fantastic. I think you'd really enjoy it. Let me know how you feel about that!

Ah once again a woman that inspires me with her honesty. Few things give me more of a thrill than watching unnoticed. One other is watching noticed. Hell, I just like to watch!

go to my profile and read some of my stories. they are all true! there are many things in them for you to try if you are daring enough! just remember, it involves nudity, sexy clothes and sometimes sex

Kelly's hot; I love it.

I need you as a neighbor... badly!

You're my kind of girl. Truly. :) Gutsy; unhindered by society's rules, confident, sexy.

The most erotic is a woman being herself!<br />
So glad you like to show yourself.<br />
I like being "caught" looking and getting a better view for my efforts!<br />
Brings memories to mind. <br />
Ahhh! Thanks!

I have done many things that I thought I would never do. I have been shared, and would do again. The problem with the last big time I was shared was I was made to feel so awful after, I felt cheap and nasty. If I was looked after I would go for it.

ignore the nasty's KellyJ, go and do what you like and enjoy it,,,it's your life and jealous people try to get you to conform to their ways.
maybe go back to exhibiting again and work your way up as your confidence grows, go back to enjoying the thrill

Hey Dave,<br />
"English reserve" or not, I've known plenty of shy people who just need to find the right situation to come out of their shells. And since Kelly has already gone so far as to allow men to see some of her forbidden areas, it's just a few steps away from somebody helping her to feel her own freedom in other ways.<br />

You're the perfect woman!


As so aptly answered above by Malloy. I agree with what he said, but I also like filming and photographing episodes of exhibitionism. And in my particular taste, we might if decided take it a step further like sharing and multiple partners for you.

I would be up for that malloy, would turn me on a lot too!

Ok, if I was your BF or husband (since LifeMat didn't go into detail), I would encourage all your exhibitions! I think it is a real turn-on for a beautifully dressed woman to reveal herself. It's almost expected that a woman dressed as a **** will expose a little, but a woman dressed with impeccable taste (even though the skirt is a bit short) who lifts a leg to show she has left her underwear at home... I would encourage that.



Show off you lingerie!!!!!!

If I was your BF or husband, I would encourage you to do more!

And we appreciate it too - no thrill like a cheap thrill!

here here!