I Want To Go Nude On A Non-nude Beach

I love it when I see a photo of a nude girl or a couple stretched out on what looks like an otherwise completely textile beach with no-one else nude. I find the idea of sunbathing nude on your own or with only your girl with you extremely sexy. That's certainly pushing the boundaries trying to claim the undefined beaches which are neither commonly accepted textile beaches or official nudist beaches exhilerating and very daring without any safety in numbers.

I must try this although clearly only in nudist friendly countries like France or Greece, or especially Spain where almost anything goes on the beach. Next year I aim to seek out a small beach or bay not known as a nudist beach and away from resorts and families.  First I'll check out the beach and make sure there's absolutely no-one already nude. If there is I will aim to find another beach with no-one nude.  Then I'll find a spot strategically close to the shore and between some tasty topless females in thongs and G-strings. Not too close to be creepy but near enough to be seen in every detail by the girls or anyone walking along the shore. Better still if I can also find a cove or isolated beach so I can get close to the only path onto the beach so I'll be assured of a constant stream of passers-by onto the beach as it fills up for the afternoon. Then I'll str-ip off completely and lie on my back, legs and arms apart with my excited and fully skinned back penis snaking over my thigh.

Sunbathing nude is exciting enough but I'm sure the excitement at being the only one stripping nude in front of lots of sunbathers will be overwhelming. I'm sure the excitement will be fantastic as 'clothed' tasty chics walk or wade by. Some will be curious, others will be excited, perhaps a few will be shocked but I'm sure all will take a good look. So I'll force myself to stay on my back as long as I can whatever happens to my penis as inevitably my shaft starts to stiffen, grow and slide up my leg leaving a ji-zzy trail as it climbs and occasionally bobs its way up my belly.

I just love that feeling as my penis expands and starts to feel red hot, but with my eyes shut and resisting the temptation to check it out. Instead I'll tune in to the sounds.  So I'm sure passers by shuffling through the sand past my head, or waders splashing near my feet will surely produce a very noticeable response from my penis as it fills, thickens and moves upwards in small jerks as it pulses hotly in sexual energy. Above all the sweet tones of female voices, especially if I detect they are commenting excitedly on my co-ck will produce an instant response!  I can only imagine from the sensations just how big my penis will now look to everyone! From the red hot sensations I'll try to guess how large and straight my shaft has grown.  And when I do check myself out it can only add to the excitement and shock as I see my exposed helmet already glistening wet as it drips long slimy syrupy strands of ji-zz and with my shaft far bigger than I ever imagined: engorged stiff and deep red, almost upright and near my belly button!  In fact I'd love to 'wake' to find it fully erect and ramrod straight so I might even let it grow and grow.

It'll be interesting to see if my nudity triggers a few girls to go nude as is often the case when one person strips. It will also be interesting to see whether the constant exposure and utter excitement leads to a full erection. I would think the chances are high. If it does I'll just get up and walk into the sea to cool my ardour, with my stiff co-ck spearing out horizontally, feeling it growing thicker and longer as I walk into the surf.  I will have no choice but to let my penis cross that threshold as it starts to point upwards, pointing the way ahead as it ricochets from side to side as I walk!

On a free and easy Spanish beach such as Maspalomas I would love to cap the day by wan-king off in the sea. I'll walk out into the bay until I'm just deep enough so my buttocks are lapped by the waves, the waters covering and then retreating from even the lower part of my butt cheeks.  At this level my wan-ked penis held horizontal will barely - or more likely very rarely remain covered by the waves as they slap my thighs and lower belly. I'm sure anyone watching closely or near me in the water will have no doubt what I'm doing, especially when a frequent ebb in the wave leaves my tightly gripped shaft fully exposed. Of course, I'd really love to face the beach, but I guess I'll bottle that challenge so I'll just have to face the sea - and of course face lots of swimmers and the hordes of girls on linflatables in the deeper water!  It'll be great if I cu-m uncontrollably in the sea, even better if just as I'm being watched by loads of girls swimming and playing in the water, the waves ebb away at the very second I experience a truly massive climax, shaking as I cu-m uncontrollably, leaving my busting penis fully exposed out of the water so the girls see me shoot load after load of spe-rm high over the water.
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4 Responses Nov 25, 2012

Going to a nude beach or going nude on a textile beach should be a non sexual experience. The escapades you describe are part of the reason nudity and public nudity in particular get such a bad rap in the USA and actions like that tarnish the reputations of true American nudists all over the globe. I just hope that if you try this that the local authorities get to intervene...

Haven't quite done this yet but would love to.
Australia is sort of between EU and US in it's responses.
However I commonly wear my small see thru speedos to textile beaches and no one seems to have noticed yet.
Also moving towards less rear coverage although a Gstring in Aus is inviting male ridicule.

I've done this a number of times. On more than one occasion after I took off my clothes so did everyone else. It is great when this happens! You just need to find the right spot.

Sounds fun I wanna try it my self wonder how much bail money I should bring

That depends on the country, but in most European countries you don't have to worry about that. In America you'd be arrested as a sex offender, but Europeans think different about this. It's either allowed or being tolerated. I have been nude on textile beaches myself and never had any problems with it.

In general, Europeans have a much more mature and civilized attitude towards nudity than the majority of Americans. It is one, but only one, of the things I admire about Europe.