Friend's House Exhibition

Hello everyone, its me again. I has been a long time since my last Exhibition. So long in fact even i started to wonder if i still liked it. My other stories are titled "A Long Walk Home" and "Laundry Day." Well this is the next step apparently in my growing willingness to do this kind of thing. So my story begins with my friend who name as well as gender shall go without saying, and please people don't ask this story is not about them. Anyway my story starts with my friends parents leaving town for a "vacation" ya right i though, only because they are always leaving and coming back every weekend for their "Alone time." Well this time they told my friend that they were going to be gone for a few weeks, so and they wanted to make sure that my friend was going to be safe during their time away. I will say my friends parents are lesbian for those who find that hot. Well my friend chooses to have me over for the two and half weeks. Now i am really into a lot of kinky things. I watch **** and will admit that i do like to play almost every night. that's just who i am and being 20 years old, i have a high sex drive. So the week starts off easy just playing games TV **** like that. I was being good and since i don't have a computer with me, i wasn't going to jerk off the whole time i was their. Harder said then done for me or so i though. Then about the fourth day in my friend chooses to have a party like thing. Just a few friend both men and women nothing big or so we thought. Well as always this person tells that and so on and so forth and the whole thing gets way out of hand for us. Thankfully nothing was broken right. Anyway back to the party tons of people show up for the thing. Not thanking so many people would show up we hurried up and turned on music and we clear the living room to make a dance floor we set up, as well as set up snakes in the kitchen to have a good party. About half way into this thing around seven o clock they start playing ******** music you know the kind you grind to and stuff. Well me not being much of a dancer i'm in the living room on the couch hanging out with friends. When this beautiful girl just walks up to me. she was about my height and maybe 102 lbs on a fat day. All this in her amazingly sexy breast and ***. Now i have no clue who she, all i knew is she showed up with someone. I never did get her name that night or even who she came with now that i think about it. Sad i know but i did get her number along with 12 others that night. So ill be sure to find out what one was her later. I might wright about it too who knows.... Back to my story, she trying to get me to dance and well its just not going to happen. I just don't dance, even more so to that kind of music. So she gets it into her wild head to give me a lap dance. Now this just made me really horny after all she is beautiful, and i mean four days with out ******* will do that. still i have to say her short skirt. So naturally i got hard. At first tried to pretend like it was nothing but that only got me so far. Then she asked and well i fibbed and said it was something in my pocket. Naturally she calls me on my bull, go figure right. So in the middle of this party, i have this huge hard on and she leans in and whispers in my ear if she can see it. Now i know this was bad but still she was sexy. I didn't do it, tho i should of proudly. That's not the point anyway we talked and flirted a little for the rest of the party. We also walked around the house and went outside. after she left about ten pm now i figure i am about done with this party. So i go upstarts to my room to find my own tie none the less on the door knob. Sad i cant even go in my own room now. So i go back down stares waiting for the party to end around like midnight i think. Never did find out who was in my room. So me and my friend go up stairs to their bedroom. The whole rooms is just wreck along with the rest of the house but who cares at this point. well we will clean up tomorrow right and very thing will be fine. So my friend lays down and starts playing on the laptop. Me i lay down blanket overs, pj's and everything. as im closing my eyes, i just cant help but start imaging the girl. first it starts nice like if im going to talk to her again and what would i say. Then after smelling but not noticing it really, that smell that two people leave after having sex. It starts to slowly change how i was thinking about changed from what the girls name might be to how she looks naked. because of such thoughts of her sexy body i couldn't help but get horny again. naturally with out even realizing what i was doing. I started to rub and play with my self. It felt so good it put me into my own world, i hardly even noticed friend was still awake. in my own world i pull it out of my pj's and imminently and jerk off not fast just nice and slow. i worked up to climaxing little by little and felt amazing when i finally made my self shoot. After all that my head cleared a little and i notice my friend still awake. Thankfully they were wearing head phones plus theirs a table between us. I know odd right, a table in the middle of the room between our beds. Just how it is truthfully. Well i think they noticed but just didn't say anything, i don't know really i was in my own world. So after ******* i realized what i did. I try to get up with out being notice, where i begin heading to the bathroom covered in *** and exposed. It turns out a few girls were down stairs sleeping in the living room. neither my friend or i said they could but im not the one to kick them out. So because of this i had to sneak throw to the bathroom. its odd the way their house is built the hall way to the bathroom is on the other side of the living room. With my **** exposed and *** all over me, i cant help but get excited as i sneak by the sleeping girls. So i stop in the middle of like six girls and ***** naked. Tossing my clothing to the side I start rubbing my self. I didn't touch any of them however i did look as well as play until i shoot my *** again this time instead of secretly sneaking away i walked *** naked to the bathroom and back, after getting cleaned up. i got dressed and went back to my room slightly smelling like *** my self now and went to sleep to dream of naughty things.

O by the way i would love commits and ideas on other exhibitions. because apparently i am very much still into it. thank you for reading and hoped you enjoyed.
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Great way to end a party. I love how you ******** and walked through and back in the living room naked, and got off in front of the sleeping beauties.