3. My Nakid Thanksgiving Dinner

  So this is my 3rd experience. It was on Friday night, on Thanksgiving weekend. So I decided to have a little Thanksgiving dinner, nakid, in the park. There were plenty of leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner, so I packed myself hot Thanksgiving leftovers. I warmed everything up in the microwave, & packed it in a thermal lunch bag, to keep it all hot. I then went to the park. Haha, the great thing about running around naked, you really don’t need anything to prepare, except for any theme that you might have going on, such as my Thanksgiving dinner.
   I arrived in the park, after 10:p.m, so that the traffic would be minimal. I decided that the best place to have my dinner was the picnic table that was in a dark corner of the park, where I saw the homeless guy sleeping, last week. I was hoping that he wouldn’t be there, this night, or I might have had to figure out a different spot.
   So I went to my favorite dressing room, which is a canopy bush & undressed. It wasn’t raining, tonight, but was a bit cold. I emerged from the bushes & began my trek through the park wearing nothing but my lunch satchel, shoes & socks. As I approached the picnic table, it was difficult to see into the darkness, as I was coming out of a lighter environment. Any1 who might be in the darkness would have the advantage of seeing my naked body in the light, while keeping themselves concealed in the darkness. Bearing this in mind, I made a decision that I would not attempt to hide myself from anybody passing, since they would be unlikely to see me anyways. I would rely on the cover of darkness, & my ability to stay quiet until they passed to avoid being seen. My heart was beating so fast, but I felt so alive in a way that I’d never felt before, away from my oppressive home life, my drunk dad & my sometimes abusive brother. I felt like I wanted to stay naked in this park forever. As I began to make out the form of the picnic table, as my eyes dilated to match my new darker environment, I thought I saw the homeless man sleeping @ the table again. But I was unsure. So I got a little closer, until I realized that it was just my mind playing tricks on me. I was in luck, tonight. The table was deserted.
   So I put my towel on the bench to buffer against the cold wood, & proceeded to unpack my dinner. It felt odd sitting @ a picnic table, eating in the middle of a park, nakid. But it was awesome. Since I was in the dark, & the path was a little more lit, I had the advantage now, against any1 passing. While it does, in reality, protect you, it also gives you a feeling of vulnerability, because if you can see them, it’s hard to imagine that they can’t see you.
   I prayed over my food, my 1st naked thanksgiving. I thanked God for my family, even if they are dysfunctional bastards, that they @ least provided a roof over my head that was warm & dry, & for the small things in life, that I am blessed with, on a daily basis, that I often tend to take for granted. I also thanked Him for leading me to find EP, & for my computer, & the internet, which was how I found EP. I thanked Him for all of you who have shared your experiences, that inspired me, & acknowledged that without EP & it’s community of people, I probably wouldn’t be sitting there nakid, @ that very moment, in a public park. I thanked Him for my life, that while it had times of turbulence, it was worth living because of moments like these, & while there had been times in my life that I wished that I’d never been born, & thanked Him for never granting that wish. I thanked Him for everything.
   So while I was eating, the 1st people came walking by. They were a group of teenagers, probably about 15-17 years-old. I felt very intimidated. But I forced myself to stay put. If they spotted me, they could split up to surround me, if they really wanted to, & could probably all run faster than me, plus, with my pale skin, it wouldn’t be easy to lose them. So I sat there, afraid to move a  muscle, as they came nearer. I could hear them talking as they approached. My heart was beating a million miles per minute. I was petrified with fear. As they came to the closest point on the path, I thought sure they had spotted me. Infact, I was convinced. But as they passed that closest point, they did not divert in my direction, but instead, kept going, apparently not noticing me. So I began to breath with relief  as they disappeared over the crest of a hill.
   So I continued to eat. Next, a guy with a dog came by. I was afraid that the dog might be attracted over to me by the smell of the hot food on the table. He did notice me… or @ least the food, anyways, & tried to come over. But the man, holding his leash, restrained him & told him to knock it off, not showing any signs of noticing me. He probably just thought his dog was trying to go after a squirrel, or something. That scared me too. But as they walked past, & it was apparent that I’d gotten lucky again, my penis, which has been experiencing shrinkage up until this point, because of the cool air, began to harden. Really, I was getting rather excited by this. I felt bolder than I ever had before. I felt like I wanted to move this to another level. So I decided that the next person, or people to walk by, I wouldn’t even try to be quiet. I wouldn’t purposely make noise to attract their attention, but I would no longer try to remain silent either, in an effort to be undetected. But nobody else passed by.
   So I cleaned up my mess, & made my way back to the canopy bush, only to realize that I was excited, but not ready to be done, yet. Inside the canopy bush, my penis began to stiffen again. But I wasn’t ready to j.o, yet, because I remember last time, after I j.o, I became more sensitive to the cold, & just wanted to get dressed & go home. I wasn’t ready for that, yet.
   So I dropped off my lunch box in the canopy tree, & decided to wander around the park, some more. I was feeling like I really wanted to get caught by some1. Maybe not close up, but from a distance. The distance made me feel safe, like I could disappear somewhere, before they could catch up with me.
   I missed a couple of opportunities for this, because I just couldn’t muster up the courage. But I really wanted to do it. So finally, I decided to go to the play equipment. I swung on the swing for a few minutes, but no1 showed  up.
   Then I got an idea. I thought, if I got in the safety swing, designed for toddlers, then my escape would be more difficult, & would stand a better chance of being seen before I could escape too quickly. So I climbed into the toddler swing, putting my nakid legs through the leg holes, until my naked butt touched the cold rubber. There I sat, lazily swinging. But still, no1 came.
   It had to be nearing 11:30p.m, by now, & I was afraid that there might be no1 else. Those swings are kind of uncomfortable to sit in, because the way your legs go through the holes, it kind of forces your tummy against the front of the swing, your weight tends to rest on the narrow band between your legs, which, while nakid, presents a crushing hazard for your balls, if you don’t position yourself well. So after about 15 minutes, I decided to get out. It was harder than I thought, getting out, meaning that if some1 had come along, as close as I was going to allow them to get before beginning my escape, they would have been right next to me, by the time I managed to get free of it, & the ruckus of the struggle would have attracted their attention to me, immediately, & this was not the dark corner of the park, but the pretty well lit area of the play equipment.
   So after freeing myself from the swing, I climbed up the structure & want across the wooden plank bridge, that was linked together by 2 lengths of chain on either side, that led to the tube slide. There is a little platform @ the top of the slide with a roof over it. I mounted the top of the slide & swung from the bar above the entrance of the tube, into the tube, but the sliding wasn’t so easy on my bare bottom, without the water from the rain, last weekend. So I kind of had to scoot down the slide.
   Just as I was beginning to scoot down it, I heard voices. It was the same group of teenagers I saw passing by the picnic table. I thought, “****!” They were too close to make a run for it, in the lit up playground. But is the slide really a safe place to hide? What if 1 or more of them decide to slide down it? But I thought if that happens, then I’ll have no choice but to make a run for it. I will use that as a last resort. I really didn’t want to be exposed @ this close range, in this bright light. So I hunkered down inside the tube. The light from outside showed through the red plastic tube, lighting my body in a glowing red light. Thank goodness I had traction. Lol! So as they approached, I heard & felt the vibration of them climbing onto the wood structure @ the bottom of the slide. I heard another cross the noisy bridge from the other side, to the slide portion. My heart was again, racing, as I prepared for the worst, that I would be flushed out, & have to make a break for it. I heard them talking @ the top of the slide. I was ready to go. But then something happened that made my stomach jump into my throat. 1 of them was @ the bottom of the slide, calling up the tube that they were waiting for another to come down. I was trapped… nowhere to go. Then I thought, “Well, I’ll just have to bust through the kid @ the bottom, push my way past him, & make a run for it, & hope for the best. I felt the vibration of the boys @ the top of the tube. But then, in an apparent effort to avoid the kid @ the bottom, they went down the straight metal slide, instead. Then I think that the kid @ the bottom went to chase after them. It appeared that they’d started a game of tag, because they kept calling out who was it, whenever somebody apparently got tagged. I was scared, & excited all @ the same time. I stayed in that slide for, it must have been close to an hour, before they left, never discovering me hiding in the tube slide. I figured that it was inevitable. But each time they climbed up to the slides, causing my heart to leap into my throat, thinking that this was going to be it, they kept using the straight slide. When they finally left, they got kind of quiet, so it was kind of hard to tell if they were really gone, because I couldn’t see anything inside the tube. But after not hearing them for a while, I cautiously crept out. I looked around, but couldn’t see any1. @ this point, I was determined to be seen by them, even if only for a second before turning & sprinting off, if they were still there. But much to my disappointment, but @ the same time, relief, they were gone. I waited a little too long. Looking back, it kind of disappointing, really.
   But having these close calls was really making me bolder, & really, more desperate to be caught, therefore began taking more chances. So around the park I went, just walking around in nothing but shoes & socks.
   When I got around to the picnic table in the dark, where I ate about 2 hours, or so, before, I heard a mans voice yell out, hey, you’re out awfully late for a boy your age, & you’re nakid! He sounded drunk. I stopped & froze for a moment, but then decided that the drunk bum wasn’t much of a threat, as long as I didn’t let him get too close. But I couldn’t see him, which gave him the advantage. So I decided to risk it & venture into the dark, so my eyes would adjust, & I could see him. When I could finally see him, I was startled to see that there was 2 of them. The other man spoke, now, asking me why I was nakid. I found it hard to answer, but was enjoying the attention, so I forced it out. I told him that maybe I liked being nakid. He asked me if I wasn’t afraid of getting caught. I told him that I didn’t want to get caught by the police, but that I didn’t mind being seen by others. They both laughed. I was kind of afraid that they might attract the attention of any1 else who might happen to wonder by, so I was kind of nervous about that, but felt more @ ease about the 2 men, since I could now see where they were, & was still keeping a safe distance. They asked me about where my parents were & if they allowed me to be out @ such an hour. I told them that my dad was @ home, drunk, & usually doesn’t miss me if I sneak out, & then back in, & no, they don’t know that I like to run around the park nakid. My penis got hard, for most of the time I was talking to them, but I’m not sure if they were able to notice. The light was behind me, so I’m thinking all they were able to see was a silhouette of me, & I was facing them. It’s pretty dark in there. We talked for probably an hour or so. A few people walked by the path, & I’m sure they heard us talking, but none seemed to take notice of the naked boy, sitting on the dome-top garbage can. The guys also asked me where my clothes were. But I told them that that was my secret. Haha. They did try to get me to come closer to them, but I refused. In the end, I left them there, walking back into the light, giving them a nice view of my butt as I walked away.
   I felt like I had accomplished my goal, tonight. I returned to the canopy bush, & jerked off before getting dressed, spilling my *** all over my belly, chest, & face. It was such a good feeling. I imagined that I went over to the 2 guys, when they asked me to come closer, & that they began to touch & rub my body, all over. It took me about 2.5 seconds to ***. Seriously. Certainly no more than 5 seconds. It was almost instant.
   I returned home around 2:a.m, & jacked off again, in bed. My brother was asleep, & didn’t wake up.

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4 Responses Nov 30, 2012

One day soon you may find the idea of doing a j.o. session where you might get noticed. I have stories of my public j.o. sessions where i got caught but i just kept going i watched their face as they watched me shoot all over myself and lick it off my hands and body. Id rather lick myself clean than try to pack a napkin with me. It tastes good and if your really that young and stuff squirts out thats exciting. You could get away with alot of exciting things. Taste yourself next time you j.o. ill bet youll like it. Your young so it will taste maybe a little more sweet than salty. Your stories make me want to run naked more often.

Also my first heart pounding time i walked naked in front of people was at a water park. The wave pool can remove a swimsuit easily and quickly wash way out of reach. So i swam through all the people on floaters and made my way to the farthest deep end. I waited in the water until the waves stopped. I just told my self here goes and climbed up the ladder. Within 3 seconds i heard gasps and giggles. I had gotten rock hard anticipating the exposure. Nothing feels like hundreds of people seeing you naked and hard. I pretended not to notice my nakedness and just walked along the crowded area beside the wave pool . The looks on everyones faces was unbelievable. I got almost to the water slides before a staff caught me and took me to lost and found. My swim suit had been found and turned in already so i was naked with no hope of hiding myself before i even got out of the water. I made it such a habbit of losing my swimsuit on all the water slides and pool that they finally told me to get a new suit before i could come back. Just wait till you go naked in front of alot of people in daylight . Busy streets convenient stores or crowds. I had to j.o. about it everytime i did it. I want to right now just thinking about it.

I know what you mean by that heart jumping into the throat feeling. Also i used to do the same kind of things you do. That desire to be seen naked is powerful. I worked my courage up slowly and studied my streaking area first before losing my clothes. The bolder i got the less i studied or planned my nudity.

Wow. You tell stories so good that it's almost like being there, and what you tell about and what you think and do is almost exactly like some of the things I've done. Just the location is different. Just like you, I was timid at first... And home life was pretty close to the same too.
Please keep it up... Keep up the stories and the new experiences. Especially the experiences. Later on you might regret that you passed up good opportunities that you have now but may not have later. Great stories though. Not just good but great. Thanks for sharing them.