Penis Out In Public

I luv to hav my shirt out of my pants hiding my **** and balls which is hanging out of my pants. I then take a walk in a busy mall or street. The tip of my **** is just visible below the shirt edge. I then also go in a shop, go the back, play with my **** to get a horn, walk around with a big bulge in my shirt, greet all the ladies I see
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4 Responses Dec 2, 2012

This is so sexy. Always pushing the limits, aren't you? I must admit that I love that you have your penis out in public (covered by a shirt). Good for you to go out there and enjoy yourself!

Although, I'm not truly an exhibitionist. I find this kind of exposure to be kind of hot. There is a guy on xtube that has some nice videos doing similar things.

Would you like my hand under your shirt? ;-) xxxxxxxxxx

Ooooo yes ;-)
Saw my pics yet? xxxx

Nice!! I also will leave pants unzipped and walk around in a store. There is a bathroom at the mall where if you stand in just the right place your visible to people outside, I will stand there and stroke my **** for a while to let people see