4) Picnic Table

  This is my 4th Nakid In Public Story. On Friday night, I went to the park around 9:p.m. As usual, I went to my canopy bush to undress. I walked around the park for a bit, but found no1. So I went to the play equipment & climbed up on the slide to survey my surroundings from a slightly higher angle. I’d never seen the park so empty before. I slid down the slide & went to the toddler swing & climbed in. I swing for a little until I get bored. So I climbed out, & walked around the park a little more, but still couldn’t find any1. I was temped to go to the school across the street. The school yard is all wide open, because there are no trees, but there are a lot of crevices on the perimeter of the school building to hide in, if necessary. After considering this for a moment, I decided to go for it. So I ran across the street. My clothes were in the park, & now I was across the street @ the school, in a wide open yard. This is as far away from my clothes, as I have ever been. I’ve never been outside the protection of the park. I walked around the yard, but still didn’t see any1.
   So, disappointed, I go back to the park, & climb back into the toddler swing. Finally, I saw 2 people walking. I relaxed in the swing, thinking to myself that I didn’t want to run & hide, this time. My heart was beating faster now, as I remember how hard it is to climb out of this swing, I realized that I had now passed the point of no return. They were to close for me to escape. But again, disappointment would visit me, as they just walked by on the path that went right by the play equipment. I even squirmed around in the swing, causing the chain supporting the swing to makes some noise. But apparently, they did not even noticing the naked boy in the swing. So after waiting for approximately 20 minutes, I finally gave up, got dressed, & headed home. It wasn’t all bad. But I just wish some1 could have seen me.
   With Friday night’s disappointment, I had initially decided not to go out on Saturday night. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, reading stories on EP. @ about 4:a.m, I felt inspired to try it again. So I got up & snuck out of the house. It was raining, tonight, so I brought my plastic bag to keep my clothes dry, in the canopy bush. Once naked, I went straight to the play area, climbed the slide, & went down the tube slide a few times. I love doing this while wet, since I discovered that water is the best lubrication between bare skin & the slide, making you go lightning fast. The rush is awesome, made even better by being nakid.
   Next, I spent some time in the toddler swing. I was so tired from staying up all night, that I dosed for a second. With that, I climbed out & went to the dark picnic table. No1 there. I really wanted some1 to see me, but I was getting so tired, I thought maybe I should just go home. I sat on the end of the table, & laid back on the wet picnic table, with my legs still hanging over the edge @ my knees. The rain had stopped. I began to jack off & came in a couple of minutes, straitening my legs in the air as I shot my loads. The warm *** came splashing down on my stomach & chest. I didn’t have my towel with me @ the picnic table, so I really didn’t have a way to clean up until I got back to the canopy bush. I closed my eyes for just a moment.
   When I woke up, I felt very cold. I opened my eyes & was mortified to realize that it was daylight, & I was still in the park, laying nakid on the picnic table. OMG! I fell asleep! I got up on my elbows & cautiously looked around. I didn’t see anybody, & although there was nothing to indicate that anybody had seen me, I wasn’t sure of how long I’d been sleeping there, or how long it had been light. I had never been nakid in public during the day, before, & obviously, my nice dark picnic table wasn’t so dark, anymore. As I sat up, I realized that I still had my *** dried all over my tummy & chest.
   So I ran back to the canopy bush, not bothering to hide, but just wanting to make any potential sightings brief. I spotted 2 joggers on the way. The 1st one stopped & dropped his jaw, staring @ me as I ran past. The other, I couldn’t tell if he noticed or not. But finally I made it back to my canopy bush. Crawled inside, & sat there in the middle of the canopy, considering what I was going to say to my dad & brother, if they were awake. I still had no idea what time it was. I got dressed & headed home.
   When I got there, much to my relief, everybody was still asleep. It was only 8:a.m. I went upstairs, took off my pants & shirt, & collapsed into bed. My brother woke me up @ about 10:30a.m, & asked me if I was going to sleep all day. He asked where I was, this morning. I stammered, as I was trying to think of an answer, only half awake. Then he asked me what was all over my chest. I had forgotten about that. The dried ***. To that, it was too much. I just rolled over & went back to sleep.
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I fell asleep naked in public a couple of times only to wake up to daylight. The scariest time was when I left the house naked and walked all the way to the park by the downtown square. I fell asleep on the giant concrete gazebo like a stage right in the middle of the park. I was easily visible from all directions . I ran all the way home not hiding from anyone whatsoever . I startled a guy going out to get his news paper . I ran past people walking , cars driving by and the whole time I was looking back to make sure I wasn't being followed. My other story is very sexual and I'll post it soon.

Well, it seems falling asleep on the picnic table has caught up with me in the form of sickness. I've been sick as a dog, the last couple of days. Tuesday was miserable. I went to bed as soon as I got home, after eating a bit. I didn't go to school, yesterday (Wednesday), & I'm not going today. I think falling asleep nakid on a picnic table, in the morning cold for a few hours was a big part to blame for this.

Yeah, well, like I said before, I didn't fall asleep on purpose. It was an accident. I don't think I would've stayed out that long if I hadn't have fallen asleep. But there is no way that I could wait all the way until summer to be nakid again. I just discovered this a few weeks ago, & I'm afraid that I'm addicted to it. But not while I'm sick. I'll take a break until I'm better. I feel too crappy to do anything, right now. But on the up side, @ least I get to be nakid @ home while every1 is gone during the day.