Public Exposure

Driving around wearing shorts. When I see girls I stop the car, open the door facing them, lay across the car seats and pretend to do something under the car's dashbourd. I make sure my penis is visable "accidently" they can see up my pants legs. Sometime a crowd of girls gather around and giggle. Lots of girls had the pleasure of seeing my penis and testicles. Sometimes I walk past scools at playtime while playing with my penis pressing it hard against my pants making a BIG buldge. Got a lot of giggles. Some girls used to lift their dresses for me much to my pleasure. Thanks for reading my story.
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

wow! I read all your stories and came across this one last. Best one! Love the girls instead of women/ladies. now that's hot! like! I'm hard as a rock now