Nude Photos.

I have a lot of nude photos of myself. I put my phone number on the back of the photos with a message saying if left in class, call this number lol. I usually walk around with them in a folder labeled art work, and leave the folder in places populated by females such as stores with female workers.
Today i took a bunch of the photos out of my folder and placed them on the ground near a nursing facility. I know the woman come out and take smoke breaks in that area(smoking fetish also). I waited in my car parked up the block and watched to see if anyone would pick them up.
Sure enough one woman came out and saw them. She picked them up and looked at them for a while. She then took them inside. A couple minutes later i get a call saying that i found your photos. She was asking if it was me in the photos. Now the photos are great but i do believe they make me look bigger than i really am. The woman in the background were going crazy. It was a great phone call.
So i tried to play dumb and insisted she tell me where she found them, and she finally told me where she was as if i didn't know lol. She was saying she would give them back if i gave her show. of course i said ok, as long as i get my photos back. But when i got back there they acted really shy and didn't really want it so i just thanked them for finding the photos and left.

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its better to get them printed at Walgreens, CVS or another place. Nothing like seeing the faces of the females lol

it does. its really safe also, as opposed to exposing in public (which i also do on occasion).