Hotel ***** Poker

While on vacation in California I met a woman that I used to date when I was stationed in San Diego. I had a reservation at a Hilton but they couldn't find it. My ex date overheard an suggested that I share her room. It had two double beds so there would be no problem. When we walked into her room, there was another woman there. Janice said she forgot to tell me she had a roommate for a conference. The other woman's name was Barbara and after hearing my dilemma she said it was alright.

After having a few drinks Janice started telling Barbara about how we used to go streaking and visiting Blacks Beach. Barbara said that the thought of being naked in public turned her on but she was too shy to try it. Janice suggested we play ***** poker out on the balcony with the lights on.

We set up the table and chairs on the balcony and were starting to deal the first hand when Barbara noticed another couple on the balcony next to us. We said hello to them and they asked what we were doing. When Janice told them we were going to play ***** poker, they asked if they could watch. We thought this was perfect and told them yes.

It didn't take long for us to get down to our underwear and I noticed the couple on the other balcony were watching us with interest as they felt each other up. Barbara was now into the situation and suggested that the winner gets to ***** the loser naked. We agreed. Janice was the winner of the last hand and she first ******** off mu underpants and then ******** Barbara. We eventually were all naked on the balcony and suggested the other couple ***** and join us in the evening air. We watched them ***** and then they started to **** outside. This was too much for Janice and Barbara so we had a 3way grope in public. It was such a turn on for all of us.
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very hot and sexy story!!! Loved the read

A three way grope sounds wonderful...did you three continue to watch the couple *******?

You bet we did