I Like Getting Naked... It's Also My Job

Society's judgement is invalid.... A woman who is strong enough to disregard society's harsh judgement and pursue the things she wants to do should be applauded... not judged and criticized!

I'm an exhibitionist and also a webcam model. Some people don't like what I do, and I get the typical 'you're better than that'... 

People should do whatever they feel like doing... regardless of what everyone else thinks... 

I'm at the point I don't hide the things I do from friends/family. I'm an exhibitionist, webcam model, sugar babe & I also manage a number of businesses- webcam sites, **** star management agency, escorts & similar. 

Planet Luxurious Freedom was created for women who are involved in or work in adult/sex related industries... to interact, share advice & support each other.

Why does society frown upon anything that requires nudity??? If you enjoy being naked and you're being naked in front of people who enjoy seeing you naked.... How is that a bad thing???.. I don't see why society make us feel bad for doing the things that make us feel good.... especially when we're not harming others....
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3 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Ahmed sugar

When you find a job that you love, you'll never work again. You have found it. Enjoy.

I completely agree! Well said, our society has so many hang ups with nudity and sex and have so many preconcieved ideas about it as well. Love your attitude! Do your thing!