Keeping Track

After posting some pictures of me and of my gorgeous wife here on EP, I noticed some pictures were getting more views and comments than others. I expected lots of interest in my wifes photos but not so much in pictures of me, but was surprised I had one that was getting nearly as many views as hers. Views on her pictures were running a few ahead of mine but I was happy I was nearly neck and neck with numbers on her seemingly most popular photo.

I decided to track my little viewing "contest" with her on the most viewed photo of her and me. Low and behold, I am now one view ahead, LOL. Very funny I think. I am much more of an exhibitionist than she is which is why I posted pictures of myself. The reason I think it's funny is because it is the woman's body that is generally much more appreciated than a man's, and she has a gorgeous body. She does have a lot more comments though, so she is definitely appreciated by all you friends out there, and I feel appreciated too in the fact my photos get views whether accompanied with a comment or not.

I am a nudist at home all of the time, and out where others can see me too some of the time, but most times away from home wouldn't be appropriate to be nude (or legal is the real factor). Thanks for looking and sharing comments - it makes this EP thing a lot of fun for us exhibitionist types
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Dec 6, 2012