I Caught The Cleaning Lady

it was few years ago when i had a cleaning lady that came every week to clean the house.
she was kinda hot fot her age (something like 40).
i allways had some dreams about her, that she caught me naked or something like that..
one time i decided that im gonna do it, i was alone in my home, and before she came i took all my clothes off, and i was pretended to sleep in my room..she got into the house and she open my room door, and then she saw me laying naked on my bed. she didnt knew what to do.. she just couldnt stop looking at my ****.. after few seconds i opened my eyes and looked at her.. she didnt knew what to do.. she just run out of the room, and went into the other room to change clothes to working clothes.. i didnt knew that she went to change clothes, so i put pants and try to find her and tell her that its ok, and that im sorry if i scared her.. and when i open the other room door she was tottaly naked and she was wearing only panties.. she started to scream, and i told her that im sorry.. and then both of us started to laugh... and i sayd to her that im sorry if its rood, but she have a nice set of titts... she started to smile and she told me that i have a nice ****.. after she sayd it, i just took my pants off and standed naked infront of her.. she was starting to get wet only by watching my big hard ****, she started to get closer to me and touching my ****..one thing went to another and we found ourself having sex any time she comes to clean ;)

by the way this is a true story..
rafaelsok rafaelsok
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Way to go brotha!