First Time Getting Off

My first time getting my nut was in grade school, I was 10, 11 and it was during an educational movie. Anyway, after the lights had gone off my member got so hard I thought it was going to burst through my pants so I did the logical thing: I pulled my zipper down and let it spring forth. The thought of someone seeing it tall, proud and throbbing excited me more so I began to stoke it for the first time. It wasn't long until I experienced my first ******, all over my pants. I was thrilled! After school I walked to a marshy area with tall cat tails, dropped my pants and played w/ myself until I shot another load. What I hadn't accounted for was the side walk that was near by, I thought the cat tails would hide me but from the expression on a girl's face as she walked by she saw everything which only made it sweeter. During the rest of that school year and all through middle school during class I'd play "pocket pool" while looking up girl's skirts. I'm sure the teachers knew but no one ever stopped me so I continued to have fun. From that time on I've "forgotten" to pull the zipper up and let the head peek out on numerous occasions.
That was 50+ years ago and the memory still gets me hard, in fact, I'm stroking myself while writing this (really slow one handed). Now I'll go out on the deck for a smoke, have a seat and let the robe fall open. I'm careful to shield things so that you really have to look to see anything (don't need to go to jail) but it's still exciting to see myself hanging in the breeze for all to see.
I used to go to a mall, walk around "down and out" but now I'll just buy a cup of coffee, sit on a bench near the escalator with a newspaper and stroke myself to the beautiful women riding up and down. How sweet it is...
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eweeeeeeeeeeeeee..... in grade school? eweeeeeeee!!!!