Hotel Hot Tub

After we got done having sex on the balcony, Janice, Barbara and I went to sleep. The next morning we awoke and took showers to clean up the mess we made. Barbara was a little shy about the previous nights adventure but suggested we all go outside and sit in the hot tub and lounge around the pool.

Both ladies put on skimpy bikinis and I found my only pair of swim trunks. It felt strange putting on anything after being nude with both of them for so many hours. When we got to the hot tub we noticed there were two guys in the tub. It was early and as we approached from their backs we realized they were kissing. We said hello to them as we got into the tub. They looked embarrassed but after introductions the seemed to relax. We chatted for a while and then Janice asked if they minded if she took her top off as she didn't usually wear clothes in a Jacuzzi. When she removed her top, Barbara followed. The two guys were awe struck that both ladies would take their tops off in public. Janice was sitting next to one of the guys and whispered to him that she would prefer to be naked. He told her to go for it. After she removed her bottoms she went over to Barbara and took her bottoms off also. I was getting hot so I sat on the edge of the tub with my feet in the water when the two now naked ladies moved over to me and pulled off my trunks. They started licking my shaft as I watched the two gay guys in confusion. They were intently staring at the action.

I suggested that they might want to join us. They were unsure and just sat there. I moved over to them while the girls watched and reaching under the water, I pulled down their suits and removed them. They had no objections and immediately started to make out with each other. We all wound up having sex outdoors in the hotel hot tub before we dressed and went back to our rooms. I wonder how many of the hotel guests saw our antics from their balconies.
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They aren't all this much fun, but most of them are.

Holy crap!!! Sounds like a vacation with you would be seriously amazing!!!!!! Really liking your stories!