The Motel

Once while staying at a motel I was feeling a bit naughty. I opened the curtains enough that if you really wanted to you could see me. I ******** naked and began to stroke my **** hoping some of the women passing by would notice. A few would glance and pass on by but finally two women walking by saw me and stopped for a good look. They were giggling and pointing. But both edged close to the window as I stroked for all I was worth. Finally the excitement of seeing them enjoy my show pushed me over the edge and I blew my load onto the towel on the floor. They continued to watch as I cleaned the *** from myself and walked towards the bathroom for a shower. The next day I saw them looking towards my room again, guess they were wondering if I would show again.
rumpledforeskin rumpledforeskin
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

when I travel to cities like Atlanta,I stay in their high rise hotels downtown.In Atlanta its the Hyatt. Others include the Weston or Marriott's... In the safety of these hotels,I open up the curtains on the (fill in) floor.I don't worry who sees me; usually there's a lot more there than go to my conference or trade show. I suppose if they had a zoom video cam,they could record me,but I never know. I like to enjoy walking around naked in my room, heat at 8o, window blinds open and not concerned about it at all... Maybe I'm just stupid...