Naked On The Web

My cousin Cheryl was visiting and was at the house playing on the computer when I returned from the store. "Hey, look what I found on the Internet", she said as I walked into the office. Cheryl had found a website called Camfuze. She had taken the liberty to register me with the name "stripmenaked". She insisted that the site was cool and you could chat with like minded adults. While we were sitting next to each other on the sofa she showed me how you could broadcast and open your own chat room.

I was intrigued when a woman said she wanted to ***** me naked. I told Cheryl no way was I going to undress on a web cam. Cheryl started to laugh and asked the woman what she wanted me to take off? Other people were now in the room chatting and we could also watch their live cams. The woman said that she wanted to see me barefoot to start with. Cheryl told me to be a sport and take off my shoes and socks. I figured what the hell it's only bare feet. A guy started to chat and said she should also be barefooted. I goaded her and said what was good enough for me should be good for her too. So, she also took off her socks and shoes.

We were starting to have a good time with these people when they suggested that we undress each other and put on a show. They would tell us what to take off and do. She asked me if I was game? "All right, what comes off next and who does it," I asked. Have the girl take off your shirt was the reply. Cheryl, always ready for fun, unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off. "Now it's her turn", someone said. So I pulled Cheryl's top up and over her head. Now I was on cam in just my jeans and underwear and Cheryl was the same except for her bra.

They had us both remove each others jeans and then had me take off Cheryl's bra. When we were both down to our underpants I got really turned on and pushed Cheryl back onto the sofa. I forgot about the webcam as I kissed her and ran my hands all over her body. While I was on top of her, she slid her hands under the waistband and pushed my shorts down to my knees. She used her feet to push my underwear down to my ankles and off.
I reached under her and tugged her panties off her hips and down her legs. We were both naked and making out like crazy when Cheryl remembered the computer.

There were all kinds of suggestions and compliments written in the chat box. Cheryl and I acted out most of the suggestions, except anal. However the oral 69 was fun and apparently got both men and women excited. Cheryl is now back home and we Skype occasionally performing mutual master nation on cam for each other. I was so turned on by being naked on a World Wide Web, that I still go live on cam every chance I get.
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pls send me the url link of that cam vedio i wanna se those

wow what a great one i wish i had a cousin like u have...........ur story turn me on