Only One Way Around It

Its not easy for men, because when men are naked in public or around women then they can be considered a threat. Going to nude beaches is a away around it, but without an exhibitionist female to accompany you then you are just a dirty (old) man or gay. The best advice I can give to exhibitionist males is, hit the gym hard, take some dancing lessons, and become a male ********. that way you are guaranteed that women will be happy to look at you naked, and will love seeing your d i c k. And its one of the most thrilling feelings, to be dancing naked in front of a huge crowd of horny women
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Your male ******** answer is fascinating. I'm not sure that just being a male ******** would make you any less threatening outside a party or club. The men women are most comfortable around are just average, composed, and nice. They smile a lot, they joke, their funny... They're not uptight and on the prowl with their eyes for every breast and vagina around....

Actually there are so many average women who would just love an invitation to go with you to a naturist club. I wouldn't worry about going alone, either, lots of men do, but its a lot more fun going with someone you know.

Cool, well will you come with me then????

maybe? or meet you there... in the summer, when it's warm! OBTW, if a woman is your ticket, there are sommany average women who would be thrilled at the opportunity to visit one with you. The women at nudist clubs are not 'babes', mostly, by any stretch of the imagination. They're average, like most of the men.....