Sexy Fun At The Movies

Ever since Haley started getting more comfortable with wearing less in public (no bra or no panties), I had been thinking of places where we could go where she could tease me. So we decided to go watch a movie, Magic Mike. I picked a cinema, bought tickets online and we headed off.

Haley wore a white dress, but as soon as we were in the car, she took off her panties. The whole way to the cinema, she had her dress pulled up and was teasing me. She's such a tease. I couldn't help myself and had to play with her wet ***** when we were stopped at the traffic lights.

She got wet really quick, especially since I was teasing her lips rather than giving her relief by playing with her ****. It was so hot knowing that there were people around us in their cars going back home from work, clueless about my sexy girlfriend, legs spread with my fingers playing with her *****.

She just sat there with her legs spread, occasionally covering herself when a bus or four wheel drive would drive past. I had to struggle to keep my eyes on the road, rather than her exposed *****. She always shaves when she sees me but I asked her not to, so she had a little bit of hair above her *****. It felt so sexy teasing her ***** and feeling her hair. I couldn’t wait to bury my face in her *****!

We finally arrived at the cinema, got our tickets and went to our seats. I think they were going to stop showing the movie because including us, there were about six other people in the cinema. We weren't at the very back, but luckily for us, everyone sat a few rows in front of us, so we decided to make our way to the back.

As soon as we got there, we started kissing, my hands teasing Haley's, running up her thigh but stopping short of her *****. It didn't take long before she stopped and took off her bra.

I love this girl!

All she had on now was this white dress, nothing on underneath. I loved it! I had her all exposed and I know she loved it. I started playing with her **** over her dress, teasing her nipples, making them harden and her want more. Her nipples poked out prominently through the thin material of her dress. As I teased them, she closed her eyes and started moving in her seat, trying to relieve her *****.

To get more comfortable, I sat with my legs spread, back against the seat, with her in front of me, on the edge of the seat, leaning back against me. This was an awesome position for both of us because she had her legs spread as I teased her.

As the movie went on, I stopped teasing her and went to work on her ****, playing with her as I kissed her neck and teased her nipples with my other hand. She was really wet and I started coating her **** with her sweet juices. Once her **** was wet, I started teasing it, gently drawing circles around it, rubbing it from different angles. This made her moan and try to turn around and kiss me.

At one stage, she needed more and got on top of me and straddled me. I wanted to take my **** out and let her rub my **** up and down her dripping *****, coating my **** with her juices. Knowing her, she’d then rub my **** against her **** and then jerk me off against her wet *****. But if I had let her, anyone that turned around would have thought we were having sex and I didn’t want to get kicked out. When she gets in the mood, she loses all her inhibitions; she doesn’t care who’s around or who sees.

Eventually I got on my knees and used my tongue to please her as she had her legs on the seat in front, completely spread. I think if anyone looked back, it would have been pretty obvious what was going on. I spread open her ***** lips and gently used my tongue to lap up her juices. She tasted so sweet. After teasing her for a little while by playing with her *****, I used my long tongue and slipped it inside her hole. This made her grab my hair and pull me into her *****, hoping I’d give her **** some much needed attention.

Not wanting to torture her anymore and being overcome with desire, I buried my face between her legs and started licking her ****. I wanted to take my time but the fact she hadn’t shaved and her being so exposed at the movies made me want her so bad. I couldn’t resist and I clamped my mouth around her **** and started sucking and licking her, causing her to softly moan. Glad no one was near us otherwise they would have definitely heard the moans of pleasure coming from her lips.

She was soaking by that time and I was loving having her juices all over my lips. I licked up all her juices and brought her to the edge of her ******, before she pushed me away and told me that she couldn’t handle it anymore.

Anyway, I must say, while I didn't like the movie that much (not that I watched much of it), it was so erotic to have Haley so exposed like that. I think that's when she started really enjoying not wearing a bra and panties in public. Not only did it give me easy access, but it made her feel sexy, knowing how much she was turning me on.

I loved the way she would press her body back against me as my hands roamed her body. She needed more but since I couldn't give it to her there, she tried to make the most of it.

When she gets going, she can’t sit still, and this time was no different. She was squirming on her seat the whole movie.
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

Wow!! I know how you feel, me and my wife did the same once. The thrill of doing this is awesome!!