Parking Lot Pleasure.

I wanted to excite my husband (who is now my exhusband) to making love with me. So I told my husband to take a drive to this busy establishment and park the truck. So he did.

I started to rub his leg just a bit close to his balls, and ****. He said to me, "What are you doing Tally?

I said to him, "Honey I want to excite our marriage."

He Just lite up a smoke and rolled down the window.

I then rubbed his manhood over the pants, I could feel it was growing. So I unzipped his pants and pulled them down, and pulled down his boxers, took his penis in my hands and started to stroke it some, then I bend down opened my mouth and started licking the head of his ****. I could feel his manhood getting very stiff and hard for me.

He cracked open a beer and took a swallow, and some of the beer dripped down on his penis head and I could taste it, it was Bud light lime. I continued licking and sucking on his head, and stroking it, that I felt pre-*** oozing into my mouth.

I stopped and undone my blouse and he noticed I had no bra on, and my nipples were hard and pointy. Then I took his hand and whispered in his ear..."Play with them, they need your touch."

As his hand was hovering over my breast letting his palm glide over my nipple, I began to arch my back saying to him..."Please!"

Then I took his beer and put it in the cup holder on the window, and I lifted up my skirt, my clean shaven ***** was NOT covered any more...I took his hand, and placed it so his fingers would be at my ***** lips and his palm would be where my hair would be.

"Dear, please stick your fingers in my tight wet ***** and play with me, make me scream with *******, and don't let up until I am finished....PLEASE do this for me, this one time." I pegged him.

He took an other drink of his beer and then his fingers went in to my ***** and his mouth went over my nipples one by one.

I opened my legs even more, as he was rubbing his fingers on the lips of my *****. It felt so good. I took his hand and shoved one of his fingers in me, then two. I told him..."YES, that feels good."

I was stroking him more and I opened the passenger door, and slipped out bend over the bench seat of the truck and lifted up my skirt and I told him, "Would you step out side and take me from behind and put your big hard **** in my *****? PLEASE!!!"

I was shocked when he did just that...he got out of the drivers side and holding his pants walked around in front of the truck. Came around to where I was bent over, and he lifted up my shirt to show my bare ***. His hand came in between my legs and tapped them, so I would open them up for him. Then he stuck his finger once again in my ***** got some of the wetness on his finger to put it on my ***** lips, and some on his ****.

Then wish one push, his **** head was in my *****. I moaned...softly, just enough for him to hear me. He then stuck more of his **** in me, and once all of it was in, he then took his hands to hold on to my love handles. Pumping me, my nipples are rubbing against the bench seat, getting me excited.

I could hear people open and closing of their cars and trucks, and I could hear the motors turn over and driving away. Then I could hear others vehicles pulling up and taking a parking spot.

I reached down between my legs with one hand, and those fingers would play with my ****, and my other hand was holding me so I wouldn't get leather burn on my chest and legs. At this time (this was a first for me, I asked him to do one more thing.) I asked him to, "Pull my hair before he is going to ***, so I could *** too." I was so excited, and I tried not to moan, or scream, but it was so exciting for me. I was wondering if anyone had stopped and started watching us.

I could feel his manhood getting so hard, and it started to jerk some, my vagina was so full of him, and I took one leg and put it in the cab, to really open me up more, and then he started pounding me really good. "OH MY GOD, THIS IS WHAT I LIKE!"

I was loving it, I peaked over the dash to see if anyone was watching, and I did see a man who had stopped to watch us...that make it more exciting for me, I don't know if he knew I could see him, or if my husband knew that we were being watched.

I put my hand to his balls and with a loving squeeze, and my other fingers playing with my **** and his **** thrusting in and out of me, then I felt his hand let go of my love handles and one hand on my hair and the other on my waist...THIS IS was time...I was so ready to ***, so ready to burst, and I couldn't wait for his love juice to squirt in me..."OH YES, IM *******, IM OH **** YES, THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!" I couldn't scream, but I said it loud enough for my honey to hear me. He was thrusting ever so hard in me, and pulling my hair (for the first time) and he started to "grunt" and I knew that was it for him.

I leaned back up turned around, and squatted and sucked the juices off his ****. Then I got up and leaned back on the bench and lifted up my skirt and he went down on me, and sucked up our juices, then we both kissed.

He zipped up, walked around the front of the truck back into the drivers side, started up the truck. I buttoned up my blouse and put down my skirt and closed the passenger door and got my seat belt on. Then he put his seat belt on, and we drove home.

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That was some hot, sexy fun. Exhibitionism is my favourite, you were lucky you got away with it. You played a dangerous game, good that you didn't get hauled up. Thanks for sharing.

It was exciting, and I would do it again. It can be dangerous game, but a fun one to play with the right person, and place to do it at.

Ooooh !!! You bet it is exhilarating & sexciting, I would so love to watch you at it. Exhibitionism is one helluva HIGH. Good luck to you for all your future adventures. Hugs & Kisses.

great story so hot and sexy

Thank you rjc36us

I loved your story. I wish my wife was adventurous like you. Please add me

I wish I was married again, to do more adventurous things. With the right partner anything is possible.

;) I am open to this ;) I agree.

lets talk about it bluedragon2112

Great :)

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One heck of a HOT story!! It got me really heated!! I would like to for you to friend me! I'd like to check-out what he was stroke'n...

Thanks in advance!! Dikson

Thank you Dikson777

Gladeat woman he is your ex! What a waste of a great woman

yeah...too bad for him, good luck for the next man in my life.


whom ever he may be...lucky him.

He should have finished inside of you, and then had you merely bring your blouse over your breast, not buttoned it at all, and you should have left your skirt on the floor board as you drove home. Thinking about all the people you were passing who if they only knew you were nearly nude and very well filled, that would have added something to the experience.

sounds like an other to join me on that one?

Should come with a warning label may get excited reading this ect lol

Thank you...that is so sweet to say. sir bluedragon2112


damn what an incredible **** - real good