Friends In The Park

DISCLAIMER: This story is a true description of actual events, however because of the amount of dialog, it would be almost impossible to remember conversations word for word. So much of the quotations are actually paraphrasing. But I took no creative liberties or embellishments. Everything in this story is written to the best of my memory, & although many quotes may actually be paraphrased, they’re written as closely as I can remember in the spirit of what I believe the intent of that person was saying.
    This weekend was pretty cool. I made friends. Since I was just getting over being really sick, this week, I decided to not go out on Friday night. But by Saturday, I was really getting antsy, & starting to feel the need for another nakid walk in the park. It all started when I was sitting in the toddler swing. As usual, I was completely nakid except for my shoes & socks. After sitting there for a while, just waiting for some1, finally I began to hear some approaching voices. So I figured that I’d just wait in the swing, for them to pass. Like last weekend, they may not even notice. But there is a good chance they might. In fact, it is difficult to see how the people last week could have missed me. So I waited, with my heart beating fast, as they got nearer. But nothing could have prepared me for what would happen, instead. The voices were coming from a group of teenagers. They weren’t just passing by, on the path. They diverted from the path. They were headed directly toward me. ****!!! I wasn’t ready for this level of exposure, yet. But @ this point, I had little choice. Now my heart was beating very fast, they emerged onto the equipment. I was surprised that it actually took them so long to notice me. 1 of the bois looked in my direction, after about 30 seconds. Then he did a double take with his mouth hanging open. Then he came closer, like he was trying to see if I was real. I was so scared. What would he do, once he had confirmed what he thought he saw? I didn’t have to wait long to find out.
   “Hey guys, there’s a nakid girl in the swing!!!” he exclaimed.
   “What?” another yelled.
   “A nakid girl!” he answered. A lot of people make this mistake when they 1st see me, because of my long hair, & although I was nakid, the toddler swing was apparently obstructing his view of my penis.
   Within seconds, everybody had stopped what they were doing & was in a circle around me. I was so scared that I couldn’t even speak. I didn’t even know what to say.
   “Why are you nakid in the middle of the park?” the 1st boi asked, who appeared to be the youngest of them, about 12-13 years-old.
   “Oh, look… she’s scared.” said an older girl, about 15, in a sympathetic voice. She was right about that. So I guess the look on my face must have made that obvious.
   “I…I…I am…” I stammered.
   “Are you o.k?” said another.
   “Do you need help?” asked another boi.
   So I reached down inside myself as far as I could to find the strength to speak. “I’m just hanging out”, I managed, “& I-I’m not a girl”.
   “You look like a girl.” 1 of the older bois retorted.
   “Where’s your ****”, the other older boi said.
      “It’s right here.” I said, looking down between my legs.
   “So where is your clothes?” the 1st boi asked.
   Suddenly, I don’t know where it came from, but I was suddenly overcome with a dose of courage. “That is for me to know, & you to find out.” I said, with a smile that I tried to resist, but couldn’t, break out on my face.
   “But you’re so young to be in the park @ night, by yourself.” Said the girl. How old are you?”
   “10.” I told her.
   “No way!” said the boys, all laughing @ the thought of it.
   “I am!” I told them, sternly.
   “O.k, o.k, little man. Relax.”
   The girl came over to the swing, looking in the front @ my little penis, which was hardening, as she approached. “He is a boi.” She announced, looking back @ the others, & then back @ me. “Aren’t you cold?” she asked, with more tender concern in her voice.
   “A little.” I told her, the smile, leaving my face. By now, I could tell by the voices that these were the same kids that were here, last weekend, when I was hiding in the tube-slide. “I was here last week, when you guys were playing tag.” I told them.
   “You were?” she said.
   “Yeah, right. We would have seen you.” 1 of the other bois said.
   “Actually, I was surprised that you didn’t.” I said.
   “What do you mean?” asked the 1st boi, who’s eyes I don’t think left me from the 1st time he saw me, except when he announced me to all of the others.
   “I was hiding in the tube-slide.” I said, with a smirk on my face.
   “No way! We would have found you there.” 1 of the other boys said.
   “Oh, but you didn’t.” I said. “I thought you would’ve too. I was thinking that any moment, 1 of you would come down that slide & flush me out. But you never did. I was actually thinking that it would’ve been fun to meet you guys then, & play tag with you”.
   “You mean play nakid???” 1 of the other bois said.
   “Why didn’t you,?” the 1st boi interrupted.
   “Because I was really scared of how you guys might react.” I replied.
   “Haha!” the other bois laughed. “He wants to play nakid! Hahahaha! O.k, little man. You want to play nakid? But see, now you’re @ a disadvantage, because you’re in that swing. Hahaha!” He ran up to me. I was scared of what he was going to do. But he just tagged me & said, “You’re it!!!”
   I struggled to free myself from the swing. But just as I was about to pull my feet through the leg holes, my hands slipped on the chain, & I fell backwards. But my lower legs were still caught in the swing. I saved myself a hard hit on the head by breaking my landing with my hands. But there I hung, upside down, in a very awkward predicament, in front of all of these kids. Just in case any of them was still on doubt about my gender, my penis was now on full display as every1 was laughing @ me, hanging upside-down from the swing. It took a bit of a struggle, but I finally freed myself. Once I finally got free, I was determined to try to hold on to any dignity I had left. So there I was, chasing a bunch of older kids around the playground, while I was nakid. What a feeling. The others were snickering & laughing the whole time. I finally tagged the 1st kid, & he chased me to get me back. Because of my small size, that didn’t take long. He tagged me on the butt. The others had stopped running, just to watch. I took advantage of that & tagged 1 of the older bois, while he had his guard down. As I ran away, all of the sudden both of the older bois decided they were going to team up. So now there were 2 of them that was it, & we morphed it into a game of freeze tag. It was me, the youngest boi, & the girl against the older 2 bois. 1 time I got tagged right in the middle of the clearing, where every1 could clearly see me. I was constantly alert for anybody outside the group of new friends that might be approaching. They left me there for what seemed like 10 minutes, my own teammates, even, intentionally missing opportunities to unfreeze me. Then, I saw some1 coming. I yelled to my teammates that some1 was coming. The boi on my team came & tagged me. I was going to stay put until 1 of them did, but they did, just in the nick of time, it seems. I ran to the top of the tube slide & took cover inside. The others started taunting me that I was scared. But I think they were just teasing. I stayed inside the tube until the stranger passed. While I was in there, every1 got all quiet. When I re-emerged from the tube slide, evey1 was gone. They snuck away. I couldn’t believe they just left like that.
   So there I was, in the park, alone again. But now I’m starting to feel a lot more @ home, walking nakid in the park. So I decide to walk around a little bit more. I was getting quite a thrill just walking around the park… no more sneaking around. I now walked with confidence. When I came back to the play equipment, I was just about ready to go home, when I saw some1 on the swing. My heart started to beat fast again. I wanted to be seen again, tonight. I couldn’t help it. I was addicted. So I began to make my way over to the swing. I figured that this late, it would probably be a man. As I got closer, I yelled, Hi!” The figure looked up, revealing the face of the youngest boi that I was playing with earlier.
   He came back. I asked him where the others were. He said they went over to Jake’s house. He told them that he was going home, but he decided to come back to see if I was still here. I told him that I was just about to go home, but since he came back, that I could stay for a while longer.
   We climbed up on the slide platform & started to talk. He told me that his name was Nikita, but his friends usually just call him Nik, & he’s 12 years-old. His brother, who was 1 of the older boys was Peter. He asked me why I like running around the park nakid. I told him that I wasn’t sure, but I guess it was just for the thrill of it. I told him about how it started, & how I got more confident, the more I did it, & how I felt that mix of fear & pleasure each time that I am seen. He asked me if I’d ever done it with anybody else, & I told him no, because I didn’t know any1 else who likes to do it. He then asked me if I’d like to do it with somebody. I told him that if I knew some1 who would, that would be awesome. By this time, I was kind of suspecting that he either knew somebody, or even more likely, that he wanted to do it, & was feeling me out to see if I was open to it. So I asked him if he wanted to try it. He said that it sounded like fun, but he wasn’t sure if he could have the courage to do it. So I told him that if he wanted to try it, that it would probably be best to do it in baby steps. He doesn’t have to be as bold as I am, all of a sudden. It takes time to build confidence. I told him how I had to do the same thing. I told him that I knew a place to go that was dark & secluded, if he wanted to try it in a low risk spot, but he had to promise to keep it secret. He said that he was willing to try, & that my spot was safe with him. But he said that he didn’t want any of his friends or his brother to know. I told him that I operated the same way, that none of my family & friends knew that I did this, so I totally understand that. So he agreed & we were on our way. I took him back to the canopy bush.
   Once back there, I told him that this is where I base all of my Nakid In Public activities out of. I told him how the wind on his bare nakid skin will feel so good. I told him to remove his jacket. I asked him if he still wanted to do it, & he said yes. So I took the initiative of unbuttoning his pants for him, & brought them down to his ankles. He was smiling. In his underwear, I could tell that his penis was hardening. His legs were tanned a nice olive color, & had a few fine hairs on them… more than me. Then I told him that he had to remove his shirt. So he did. Nikita is Asian, & has a slender build, with long limbs. He has black… or maybe dark brown… it hard to tell @ night. A very nice body to look @. I then put my thumbs inside his waistband on his shorts, & ask him if he’s ready. He seemed hesitant. I reminded him that no1 can see us in here. The only 1 who will see you here, is me. He said o.k, & I dropped his shorts to his ankles. He had a hard penis that stood straight out in an apparent salute to me. I actually had to pull his waistband out in the front, to get it around it. He had a nice bush around the base of his penis, & a little bit of hair on his balls. He was a little more developed than my brother, but still looked much more boi, than man.
   As soon as his shorts went down, & the cool gentle breeze blew against his body, in all of its glory, He said, “OMG, I can’t believe that I’m doing this”.
   I asked, “It feels good, doesn’t it?”
   He said, “Boi you weren’t kidding about that!”
    I helped him take off his shoes, so we could get his pants all the way off. Then we sat there, both of us nakid, & just chatted some more, about my past experiences. He looked hard @ me & asked me, “Are you sure that you’re 10? I mean, you look a lot younger than 10… more like 8”.
  I told him, “I know. People tell me that alot. I’m in the 5th grade”. After a few minutes, I asked him if he wanted to try going outside the bushes. He said that he wanted to, but he wasn’t ready for that, yet. So I said, that’s fine. I was just enjoying being nakid in his company. Then I asked him if he’d ever had sex, before. He asked me the same thing. I told him that I had. He asked who she was, to which I replied, HE was my brother.
   He was like, “OMG!!! You had sex with your brother???”
   “Yep! When I was 5.” I said.
   & he was like, “OMG!!! How old was he?”
   I told him that he was 10. So then I asked him, “What about you?”
   He said that he had had sex before, but he really didn’t want to talk about it. So I asked him, “Was it a bad experience”?
   He said not exactly, but  just kind of embarracing. He said maybe some other time, he will tell me, but not tonight.
   Then I asked him if I could touch it. He said yes. He was hardening up again @ this, & my penis, which was burrowed due to shrinkage was starting to come to life, also. I touched the tip of it with my pointer finger, & ran it down his shaft to his balls, & felt that up a bit. He seemed to be fully erect @ about 4.5”. I then took both of my hands & dragged my fingers lightly up around the base of his penis to the top, & on up his belly & chest. I then kind of fell into him as his balance was upset & he fell onto his back with me on top of him. Then he positioned me so that his erect penis was between my legs, riding up my butt crack. I was almost to the point of boil over, but I couldn’t stop… like I was caught in a spell. I closed my legs around his penis & he began to thrust his pelvis back & forth, teasing my anus. Then, it came. I couldn’t stop it.
   I said, in short, labored breaths, “OMG!!! Here it comes.” I shot my load all over his belly & chest, producing a warm sticky mess between us. Apparently, that was all he needed to bring him over the top, too. I could feel his *** splash down all over my back, legs & even up in my hair. As he was still shooting, I leaned my face down beside his & gently kissed his ear. I could feel his body convulsing beneath me as he continued to spew his seed all over me. It felt so warm & good.
   After a moment, when we both caught our breaths, he said, “Boi, we sure did make a mess of ourselves, didn’t we?”
   I said, “That’s o.k. I really enjoyed making that mess. I then told him to hold on, as I raised myself off of him, turned around on my back, but still on top of him, with all of his *** still on my back, & again, positioning his penis between my legs. I wiggled around on top of him a bit, to feel the slimy *** between us & his *** lubed penis between my *** cheeks, riding my crack & up between my legs. Then I grabbed his hands & placed them on my ****. Then I grabbed his, & began to stroke it. He followed my lead & it took us about a minute to *** again. Again, I came 1st, & this seemed to trigger his. Our *** splashed down on top of me, on my tummy & on the front of my legs, mostly on my  thighs. I was now pretty much covered in ***, both front & back.
   After resting for a time, he finally said, “How are we going to clean ourselves up. Especially you. You’re covered in ***”.
   I told him that I had a towel, but we had cummed a lot, between the 2 of us, & that he comes even more than me. I didn’t come prepared for that. Lol! But I think that we’d manage. “I want to go run through the field.” I said, a spur of the moment thought.
   “Covered in ***???” he asked, sounding somewhat shocked.
   “Sure, why not? I’ve actually always wanted to run around covered in ***. It’s been 1 of my fantasies, but I’ve never had the chance.
   “You are 1 wild child” he said with a grin.
   “You want to do it with me?” I asked.
   “Naw, I think I’ll stay here & wait for you to come back. I’m not ready for that, yet.”
   “O.k. Suit yourself.” I said, getting up to go. As I got up, I could feel the *** drying on my body. With that, I sprinted out into the field, across the canyon. I ran into a guy, looked to be late 20’s, in a rather lit part of the park, ran right up to him… well, within 6-7’ of him, & declared, “I’m *** Sucker boi! I like to take your ***! You wanna blow job?”
He was like, “Wtf???” & then I ran off, giggling. The look on his face was so funny!!!
   When I returned, Nicky had already cleaned himself & partially dressed. I was gone for maybe about 2 minutes. He said he saw me run up to the man & say something, but he didn’t hear what I said. When I told him, he was like, “No way! Are you serious? You are crazy. He was laughing his *** off.
But I said, “Yeah, but you should have seen the look on that guy’s face. It was colossal. If you want to get unusual reactions, then you have to do unusual things… or, if you want to get unusual reactions, than you have to be willing to do what others won’t do. Hahaha”
   “Alex, you’re a freak!” he said, with a playful grin on his face.
   “I know.” I said, grinning back. “All of this *** is dried on me, now. Lol!” I wiped it off the best I could, with Niki’s help for my backside, but mostly it wasn’t coming off without water. So I guess I just had to wear his *** home. Lol!
   “Can we do this again?” he asked me.
   “Well, I’ll tell you what. We can do this again if you promise to go outside the bush, next time.”
   He was like, “Yes, of course. When do you want to do it? Tomorrow night?”
   “No, silly. We got school. Next weekend is better… Friday night.” I said.
   “I’m serious about coming out of the bush. I’ll drag your *** out, if you don’t.” I warned him.
   “But what about my friends?” he asked. You know that I don’t want them to know.”
   “Right. O.k. No problem. Well, come with your friends, if they come, & just act normal. Then, after you guys leave, I’ll wait for you to come back.
   “O.k. That sounds great! I can’t wait!”
   So we agreed on a code word that he would use, when his friends were around, to to indicate to me that he was coming back, so I’d know to wait, & we went home.
   When I got home, I decided that taking a shower in the middle of the night might cause questions from my family that I don’t want to answer. So I just went to bed with the dried come on, & took a shower in the morning.
   What an amazing night!!!

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Wow now that's a got story. I am so much like you. I wish I was your age again cause I was a wild child too. I'm small and I have a tight body , tan all over and I have tiny feet for my size. I got mistaken for a girl by grown ups and other kids. I almost got in trouble for going into the boys locker room at school. Someone said to me"hey girls aren't allowed in there" . My long dirty blonde hair, small feet and round butt made me look so girly but I loved the attention . I know you understand . I will talk to you alot if you want. I love the way you tell your stories. I find myself caught in the moment with you. I get so hard reading that I have to get myself off while trying to follow the action. I'm ok I think with the content and your age. I know I won't ever get to go to Oregon but I'll have a fantasy now of running naked with you and playing like a couple of girls in the grass.