Exposed To The Pool And Lawn Guys (with Pic)

I just can’t believe what an exhibitionist I have become since I met Bill! I had to leave Bill in Texas last week and I’m now back in Florida missing him terribly. But we skype daily at least once and while we aren’t physically together we still are together. So since I have been back, Bill has been telling me to have fun and expose myself when I can.

I’m only a block from the beach so I’m always in a bathing suit and I have started to look for shells a lot now. You may wonder what that means but think about it. Low cut bathing suit, bending over, boobs being exposed. And it is amazing how many shells I can find. It is so fun to stand back up and see the men and their wives looking at me. I get really different looks from each of them. I wonder why.

Anyway, today I headed to the beach with a suit that is cut very, very low. I really wasn’t thinking about shell looking today so I really only did it halfheartedly. But today is Tuesday and Tuesday means the lawn maintenance workers will be at the house sometime today. And Bill already told me he wanted me to be topless at the pool when they arrived. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that but as I was walking back, Bill told me to pull the suit even further down so more of my breasts would be seen. I wasn’t sure I could pull it down further but I tried. As I turned the corner heading towards the house, I saw the lawn truck was there and texted Bill that I had company. I also noticed another truck in the drive and as I got closer I realized that the lanai maintenance man was there too. So as I got closer, I looked down at my chest to make sure the suit was as low as I could get it and walked towards the lawn guy. He saw me and walked towards me. His eyes were all over me and started up a conversation. He just kept talking and talking to me, not wanting to let me move on. I think we talked for over 10 minutes before I was able to move to the back of the yard and see the lanai guy. He was fixing torn screen and I talked to him briefly before I moved into the lanai. I went to the hose to rinse off the sand from my feet and when I bent over to turn on the water I looked down and noticed that a part of my nipple was showing. I covered up and rinsed off my feet. I noticed that the outside table and chairs were still very wet from the rain last night so I went over to wipe them down and again was bending over the chair to wipe them off. It got really quiet and I looked up to see what happened to make the lanai guy stop working and I saw him just staring at me. Wow, it hit me that he was watching me and looking at my breasts. I smiled at him and went to the next chair. All I could think about was telling Bill what happened and how it was making me so wet. I finished wiping all of the chairs and walked into the house. I texted Bill to tell him what happened and then went into the bedroom to put on a more demure suit to go swim my laps. The bedroom has a window that opens to the lanai and the blinds were open. I could see the lanai guy as I ******** off of my suit and put on another one. I got a text back from Bill and he said he could hardly contain himself and he was leaking badly. I responded back that I would love to watch him and he said anytime. Well of course I said NOW. He asked me if I was going to go outside and show some more while I watched him **********. I told him that it was still too wet outside but I could definitely watch him while I was inside. I was inside but the whole wall is sliding glass doors looking out to the lanai. So once again I walked into the bedroom, ******** off my bathing suit and put on a cover up. I moved back to the living room and skyped Bill. He showed me his beautiful hard **** and I sat with my legs spread displaying my ***** to him and anyone outside who happened to look into the window.

Bill started to pump his **** and I started to play with my *****. I was so wet, I knew it wasn’t going to take me long to ***. Bill could hear how wet I was and his hand started to move faster. I knew that I could be easily seen if the guy walked by the window and that was making me crazy. I looked out by the pool and saw the lanai guy walk by. I couldn’t tell if he was looking but if he was, he had a full view of my wide open *****. I told Bill that he walked by and I could tell that really excited him. I started to *** and when I looked out again, he was walking past the open door again. I told Bill that he walked by again and Bill’s **** just erupted with this ***** squirting all over his chest. God, that just made me *** again and harder! I just love to watch him ***. I just wish I was there to catch it all in my mouth!

Three more weeks and we will be back together again. Skype is great but …. In the meantime, I will continue to show whenever I can. For him and me.
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I was walking along a quiet, nearly deserted beach in South Carolina once, and a lady was slowly approaching, occasionally bending down to look at things in the sand, and picking them up. It looked like she was hugging herself with one arm. As she got closer, I saw she was using her one-piece, scoop-neck swimsuit to store seashells she had been picking up ( its a little yucky, I think, but maybe she didn't realize the shells had been lived and died in by slimy sea organisms, lol). She had qite a few shells, and the neck ( which was probably fairly modest to begin with) had sagged down and out a lot, with the weight of the shells.She stopped and we chatted, she was from Minnesota, had never seen the ocean...she bent over to scoop up another shell, and both of her entire breasts were revealed, swinging freely inside the stretched-out swimsuit, and I could see sand trailing down towards her navel, in her cleavage. And her nips were really stiff, thick, and a lovely shade of pink-brown...such a lucky day for me!

What a great,sexy story...and I can't believe how low-cut that top is, in your icon this anything like the suit you were wearing in your story? How could your boobs possibly stay inside the top? I love it!

Thank you! And, LOL, my boobs don't stay in that top very well!! Not that I'm complaining!! ;-)

no complaints from me, any time you want to release those cute puppies, let me know! I always enjoy a fine show...

Umm, great top, great story.

Thank you!

mmmmmmm,mmmmmmmmmm,mmmmmmmmm ever thought about written some naughty short stories book :)

That is soooo hot. I too enjoy watching and being watched.
You sound like fun! Have you ever had thoughts of having someone "watch" you and Bill in bed together?
Someone south of Sarasota would be "very" interested in doing just that.
cack662000 on the hoo

We have been watched, but wouldn't you like to join in?

Yes, I would. But I didn't want to appear pushy or presumptive.

I read thus story some time ago... It's a hot one!! When I stumbled upon it again.. I just knew I'd have a buldge I'm my shorts as I read it again.... Thanks much

... And very nice cleavage. I'd be in a trance too!!

You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

That is what I call cleavage! :-P

I would love to please you.

So ******* hot and sexy

Thanks! It was very exciting to know those guys could have seen me at any time!

You can bet I would have been standing in the doorway stroking my **** watching you

Will you add me so I can see the rest of your lovely pictures?

Of course, enjoy!

This story is so hot it has my hard **** dripping for you! And I know how much you love that! Would love to have you licking that precum off my ****! Maybe right in front of the lawn guys!

I would love to lick your precum and so much more! Anytime!

Amazing cleavage for sure... loving it

Thanks, I have so much wearing that suit!

I'm sure with those outfits the guys make sure the jobs get done no matter how long it takes. Thanks for the story

You are ADORABLE... and a great story. Wish I was your lawn guy!!!

I'm glad you liked the story. I love to get comments.

great looking suit and story

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

fantastic the bikini ;-)

Glad you like it, it is my favorite suit too!


love the view. very sexy. where in Florida are you? i'm in Davenport

Thanks, I'm in Sarasota.

well i'll be keeping an eye out for you next time i'm over that way.

loved reading that story and will continue to j/o as I read it again - please add me - would love to see more!

Thanks for the great comment, have fun seeing more!

oh that was a great story, i loved how you were exposed and how Bill was J/O as you were having your legs open wide showing it off, i think i shot as well and maybe like Bill did all over my chest, please add me i would love to read more, you are an exciting writer

I'm so glad you liked my story. I think it was as exciting for me as it was for Bill! You can J/O to my stories and pics anytime.

U r too amazing. Please add me

What an inspiration (or should that be 'corruptive influence'?). I love your stories - they're a real turn on, especially when my hubby is away. Thank you. x

I'm so glad you like them. I,will be back with Bill soon so we will be soon writing about our adventures together again.


WOW!!! what a sexy woman!!! You know how to tease a man!!!

It is so much fun and Bill really appreciates it!

I go to the beach quite often with my metal detector and love seeing the women on the beach.

I would love to *** across you

Oh, I like that!

Beautiful! Great story! I think I'm in love! ;)

Well thank you!!

people like you , is what makes the world go round nice ******* yumm

Thanks a lot. I love to get comments!

You're a wonderful lady. Thanks!

Well thank you, that is nice of you to say so.

You are making the world a better place! You go girl!

I'm having so much fun, don't plan on stopping.

Don't stop - it makes the world go round!!!!

Definitely don't plan on stopping!

You are the hottest woman here...NO DOUBT! But maybe I'm a little prejudiced on that! But, I have seen a lot of other men (and women) who might agree with me! Love you and your adventures.

Might be just a bit biased but you are great for my ego!

I could be one of the ones who agree!!!!!