My First *********

Okay before I go any further I may have told a white lie. It was a ********* but only on cam. Does that count? Well I think it does and anyway I never did it before so it is a first for me. But before I give you the finer details about our *********, I need to provide some history. While I was visiting Bill, we talked about another guy ******* me or me giving him a ******* while Bill ****** me. We didn’t know how it would work, whether we just meet someone at a bar or whether we develop an actual relationship with someone. We had offers in the past and while we talked about them, we were still developing our relationship and felt it was too soon. We thought the best way to start out was to probably start with cam sex and let one or more watch. So we had these discussions but nothing more. Then one day, Bill was on our joint site and was reading a comment from a new friend. His comment was so funny and I said that I would have a ********* with him just based on his sense of humor. Bill just looked at me and then said he was going to write and tell him that.

Well that was the beginning of us starting a relationship with JD. At first we just posted back and forth and then JD sent us some pictures of himself and we sent some back. We then began to email each other and then he said if we can’t meet (because he is not even close to Texas) then we could cam together and he would love to watch Bill and I together. Well as you all know, I had to leave Bill in Texas for a few weeks and we never did have cam sex with JD. But now I’m in Florida and Bill said we should all get on cam and they would watch me **********. When we mentioned it to JD, he was all for that! I was really a bit nervous about this because I always pictured that Bill would be with me when we first did this. I wanted him to be licking my ***** and my **** or I wanted to give him a ******* or us to be ******* while JD watched. I never thought I would be playing with myself while both of them watched. I mean, what if it didn’t turn them on? How was I going to keep their interest?
We got online the other night and started chatting and then before I knew it, Bill was telling me to take off my cover up. JD could tell I was a bit nervous and he said it wasn’t like he hasn’t seen all of me anyway from all of the pictures posted on our site. So yeah, I took off my cover up and there I am naked to two men fully clothed. We had a hard time hearing JD which is really sad because I wanted to laugh at his funny comments or get more turned on by whatever he was saying. I told them they should get undressed too because I felt a bit vulnerable and then JD stood up and showed me his hard **** sticking out from his shorts! Okay, I think we were ready to go. Bill was offering encouragement to me, telling me to get my toy out and show JD what I did with it. So I got my beads out and JD’s eyes just got so big. I don’t think he was expecting that! I start to rub the beads along my **** and *****, getting them wet from my juices and then start to insert them in my *****. I’m watching Bill and JD stroke their ***** while I’m doing this. I can tell I’m still a bit nervous because I’m thinking more about what they are thinking than really concentrating on pleasuring myself. I finally get into a rhythm and start to relax. My head falls back onto the couch and Bill continues to offer encouragement, telling me how hot I look and two men are stroking their hard ***** while watching me get off. And get off I did. I’m still thinking I wish I could hear JD or know what is going on in his mind. Is this hot for him, I know Bill loves it but I don’t know JD that well yet. I always *** really fast the first time so I knew Bill and JD weren’t done yet. I continued to play with myself, switching between my fingers and the beads. I’m soon ready to *** again and I start to moan and whatever else I do when I ***. I’m watching them stroke themselves and I’m pretty sure I came again. I finally could hear JD and knew he and Bill were ******* too. Wow, I did it, my first *********! How hot is that! Now that the first one is behind me, I know it will just keep getting better.

We all wiped up and I put my cover up back on and we chatted for awhile. JD thought it would be sexier if I took my cover up off and just teased him with the thought of my nipples below the screen so of course I had to comply. So I once again sat there nude but they could only see the top of my breasts while we talked. It was getting late and we were going to sign off when JD asked to have a quick peek once more of my nipples so I quickly stood up to give him a view. Now both of the guys took the opportunity to snap a picture of me that now shows up as my Avatar whenever we chat again. Those sneaky bastards!!

We don’t have a second cam scheduled but I’m thinking maybe this weekend because after that I will be with my kids for the holiday. If not this weekend, it will be the next time I’m with Bill in Texas. I can’t wait for that. Bill and I having sex while JD watches!! Whoohoo!!
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Great story please add... I'm setting here naked as I type this with a good old hard on!!

DAMNIT girl that made my **** stand to attention quick, i know the two guys was wanting to take you at same time, i know i would have loved to gotten my tongue on and in you

I know I wanted the two guys in me too!

mmmm damn girl i bet you would have wore them out with that hot sexy body but maybe if the three of us was able to get at you maybe we could quench that sex drive in that hot body for maybe an hour or so ;), i know i would love to roll around with you and do ALL kinds of things with your body and those hard nipples of yours

Great story you wrote but since he wasn't with you both in bed i think i would call this soft swing cause it was only watching each other but that is hot too!

Cool story I love caming to but never had 2 at once. Sounds like fun for all

Oh that was a delicious story! I need to share this with my husband. I'd love to do this.

It was great. We are planning another one but this time Bill and I will be together and JD will be watching. Can't wait for that!

Well, that went very well! I bet next time will be even better! Then, when you actually do have that other person there in the room, it won't seem awkward or embarrassing at all! Keep on going for it!