Surprise (a True Story)

"Allow 10 days for shipping." That's what the order form said, and that's why only 5 days later, when he knocked on my door, I figured it was my friend who was already a half hour late for our lunch date, and just opened the door stark naked. Surprise!

"Good morning... UPS" the guy said taking a good, long look at my body.

"Oh ****," I replied, feeling my **** throb and swell.

"Naw, it's cool, man" he assured me, handing over his electronic pad. "Oh yeah..." he said as my **** grew harder and harder.

His blunt stare made me fumble a bit signing my name, and the brush of his hand on mine sent a jolt through my body as he took back the pad and paused for a moment...

Out on the street a car passing by slowed to a crawl and I knew I'd been caught. But out on the porch, fully exposed, I was enjoying the **** out of being so crazy turned on, I didn't to care who was around.

With a deep sigh and a smile, the UPS guy turned to leave, and I stood there and watched him walk out to his truck, look back and yell, "See you next time. All of you!" and drive off.

I love being an exhibitionist!

NekudG NekudG
56-60, M
Dec 16, 2012