Out Of The House Until After Daylight

On most nights I go outside of my second floor condominium while naked. Sometimes just to walk around a little, and sometimes for reasons like taking a bag of trash out to the trash can. Usually I don't walk too far since it's very open, lit and rarely without some type of activity once I go too far in any direction. I'm back from the main road but I can see it once I go down my steps to the parking lot and take a few steps to the right. From there I can see the side of my building, the side of the building in front of mine that's closer to the road and all the way to the main road that goes from left to right. The road and parking lot are separated by a split rail fence and the lot entrance is hidden by the other building. Only when I see headlights from a car driving in front of the other building, do I have any warning that it's about to appear and turn to come towards me. Mostly that's about a five second warning and about ten seconds before it would be back to where I was. Since the lot continues past my building and makes a complete circle back to the entrance, cars can also come from the other direction. People coming out and leaving in their own cars are also something I always have to be aware of. More than once I was out near the trash can and I assumed that a car that was leaving was headed in the other direction only to realize it was already coming my way. Sometimes I'm able to duck behind a nearby car, which is usually my own, since my designated space is on the far end near the trash can and the only space that offers a view of both the lot and along the side of the building. Very recently I took out the trash and had a little trouble getting the large bag inside the can. Just as I got the bag in, I realized that a neighbor had driven around the the building from the other side and was already swinging into their spot. Just as the headlights were about to pass over me as they turned, I ducked and made my way to the drivers side of my car. The neighbor began rooting through bags in her backseat and her trunk and if I moved it would only take a slight turn of her head to see me. Her car was parked with just one empty space between us and the bottom of my steps were only steps from her front bumper. I didn't think waiting would be a problem until headlights appeared from a car about to come back from the other direction. Since there was nothing between me and the road along the side of the building, I knew I'd be lit up the whole time it came along the side road, and I'd be almost directly in front of it. Just as I thought "It's either one or the other now, but at least one of them is going to see me", I reached up and pulled on the rear door handle on the drivers side. I was amazed that it wasn't locked and I was immediately thankful that I'd neglected to lock the doors. The interior light came on and it made climbing in seem less of a good idea, but it seemed like my best option. After I shut the door I was sure the neighbor had noticed things, especially with how long it took the interior light to go off. I'd never paid much attention to how it slowly faded off rather than going off right away. Once it was off, I stayed down until the other car passed. Then I checked on the neighbor. She was busily carrying bags to her door and coming back to her car for more. I decided to stay down on the seat until she went inside for good. In a while she was inside but some voices nearby that I couldn't locate made me unwilling to open the door and have the light go on again. I laid on the seat to out wait them. The voices kept talking and laughing and it seemed to me that it was three or four people someplace around me. I couldn't get a direction of the voices from inside the car but they sounded too close for me not to be able to see anyone. After a while it began to frustrate me that people were out so late talking and wouldn't leave or go inside. It got warm in the car and I laid there listening to the voices. My next thought was wondering why I couldn't reach back to find my sheet that I use when I need a cover in bed. My hand kept hitting something solid. I opened my eyes and saw that I was still in the car, naked and my hand was hitting the rear of the back seat when I thought I was reaching for the sheet. I guessed I'd just dozed off and a few minutes had passed. But I was half asleep and I noticed it was drizzling a really fine misty rain and I really didn't feel like getting out right then. I knew from what time I'd came out, that I had hours until daylight anyway, and even as I dozed back off I was amused by imagining if somehow I did sleep past daylight. I'd been awakened nearly every morning before daylight by so many noises outside such as doors slamming and loud motors on the main road, and I didn't expect this coming morning to be any different. The next time I woke up, I wasn't really sure if it looked lighter out or not. It looked like it may have been that the clouds had cleared and the moon was making it look lighter out. I laid there half asleep and listened with my eyes closed. It sounded unusually quiet and too quiet to be morning. Then I began to think about how it might feel to stay there until it really was light out, and to have to get out of the car, naked, walk around it and along the sidewalk to my steps, then up the steps to my door. I'd be fully visible for quite a long way off and I'd have no choice except to do it or stay ducked down in the car all day with no food or water. So I decided to lay there and wait and find out if I had the nerve to wait for it to get light out. Only a short time later I saw that things did seem just a little more visible outside, and even the inside of the car seemed just slightly more visible, but barely. It was still so quiet that waiting felt easy. It seemed to take a long time before it brightened any more, and even then it was only a blue- purple sort of light. I thought that giving in now would be a waste and I was sure it would bother me later if I did. Soon I could see the lot, over to my steps, and in every other direction more clearly and I could see much further, but I waited. Other than cars passing out on the main road, it felt like I was the only one around.  Then all at once the blue-purple light turned into more of a whiter light and things became nearly as visible as they'd be on a cloudy day. I could see the interior of the car and myself clearly and I tried to decide if now was the time to step out. I found that the excitement of being where I was right then, made it so I didn't want it to end yet. I knew if I ran, my walk would only last thirty seconds or so and I just wanted to make the most of it. I could easily tell east as the few clouds that way showed signs of being hit by sunlight and I knew full sunrise wasn't long from happening. Since it was a Saturday morning I decided to wait longer since it seemed that less people would out and going places very early. Finally it became clear that the sun was coming above the horizon and I looked around. I knew I'd never have the nerve to come outside when it was this light out and I knew that now there was now no way to avoid doing it. I was both excited and anxious but still much calmer than I'd expected to be. I kept reaching for the door handle and removing my hand, actually wanting to see if I could wait even longer. In the end, what got me was my need to pee, of all things. The need was becoming too bad and I finally committed to opening the door. This time the light inside made no difference when it came on. I stepped out into broad daylight completely naked in public and it felt both unbelievable and still as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Right then I knew for sure the honest answer to the question "If you could, would you stay naked all the time?" As I headed around the car I was actually disappointed that I had to head for my steps instead of in some other direction. It was amazing to see the usual daytime surroundings and actually see myself naked in those surroundings. It was quiet and empty and nearly every bind in every window I could see was closed, so I felt no need to run. I even walked slower than usual and as if I'd been dressed and I became more and more disappointed as I went up my steps to my door. Once inside, my first thought was that at some point I'd do that again, but to try to think of ways to make it even more interesting. Any ideas? Comment or message me. Keep in mind I have only the one spot to park in.
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That's a great story. It sometimes takes a lot of courage to go outside naked. We have all been trained to fear being seen, early training before kindergarten, the kind that we just "know" is "right" but don't know why or where we learned it. Over the years I have deliberately been seen by my neighbors occasionally. I'm trying for a local reputation as "that naked guy." So far nobody has complained, and I have not seen anyone calling cops or otherwise being a pig about it.

When you go outside in dayling you are saying to the world that you are willing to be seen, and you are not afraid. You don't run or hide. Did someone see you? Perhaps or perhaps not. It doesn't really matter. Sooner or later they will. Carpe Diem.

As far as I know, nobody saw me that time. But like you said, sooner or later they will. There'a young "couple" who live directly below me and they've walked out at night on me a few times. I usually do hide but I know I'm visible to them the second they open the door because of the lights all around. I find it impossible that they haven't seen me and I think they're only acting like they don't know. They never come to discover me wherever I go once they come out though. I say "couple" because they don't seem to be doing more than just living together, and I've noticed the guy being more friendly towards me since they began coming out to walk the dog or whatever while I happen to be out there. The girl was friendly already so I can't tell much from her yet. I just wish I knew for sure so I wouldn't have to worry about them overreacting when they see me. In my story "Not one of my better times" I tell of the time last year when the cops did a drive- through of the area and were spotlighting everything. I was laying up on my porch nude when they noticed me. They came up and gave me the third degree and made jokes about how I must not have ID since I'm naked, but then just left after tellling me to wear underwear out there from now on. What surprised me most is that as far as I know they haven't been back in about ten months or so. I still keep an eye out for them though. Not because I feel that it's wrong to be out there naked. Just because I know from experience what a hassle it is being arrested for it. Not just the legal aspects, but dealing with the indoctrinated mindset of all those around me afterwards. Either way I'm going to do what I do for as long as I'm able to. I know for sure I've been seen by more distant neighbors, but I'm not so sure about the nearest ones yet. It's undoubtable going to happen at some point though and I'll find out their attitudes then. It sure wouldn't be the first time I was referred to like you as "that naked guy". Where I lived a few years back the word "The" was used in place of "That" but it's all about the same. Back there I was happy to be "The naked guy".

I wish I could be naked outside in broad daylight...

You probably could, a little at first. Carpe Diem!

I am testing the waters a bit at a time. Today I was out a few times in just a thong, but was careful to keep an eye out for traffic on my street. Most of my neighbors are over 70, except for my closest neighbor, who is in her 40's.

What a great adventure! Next time, walk completely around the building. i find that early Sunday morning is the best time for being naked outside in broad daylight, if you don't want to get caught. Enjoy!