Amazing Public Exhibition Video...

I saw this link in another group and I expected a quick show, but not in this case. It's likely only a woman could get away with what the video shows. I don't know the language but it's obviously in a European country since tolerances (or lack of them) in the U.S. would end something like this fairly quickly even for a woman. It's restricted due to "Community Guidelines" but just clicking a button near the top of the page allowed viewing without anything being asked. Watch the lack of reaction by many people, except for a few heads turning and some older guys giving her a good look as she passes by and except for a group of boys who end up walking along with her. Being able to do what she does for even half as long would more than I could ever ask for.
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Great vids on that page! Thanks for sharing the link!!

Most likely the country is Germany.
If you liked that one, you'll enjoy this:

FYI, I believe the location is Prague, the former Czechoslovakia.

Thanks. I did like that one too.

Beautiful girl!