New Years Fun

A week before new years my ex brother in law called me and asked what i had planned for new years eve. I told him i hadn't made up my mind yet and he said they decided to have a small party at their house and invited me to come over. I thought about it for a bit then told him sure hoping maybe i could have a little fun with their neighbor. (she's from stories of caught ************) When new years eve came i showed up early to give them a hand and while talking with my ex brother in law he told me there were only about a dozen people going to be showing up. We were getting things ready and their daughter and the neighbors daughter came in and told her mom they were going out and my ex sister in law told them not to make it too late. They said they wouldnt and took off and it wasnt much longer guests started showing up. We started partying and after awhile i went to get a drink and my ex sister in law was in the kitchen and i just mentioned about not seeing the neighbors there. She said they went to a party from her work and would be out of town for the weekend thats why their daughter was staying with them. I just said oh and let it go not wanting to let her know i was hoping she would have been there. I got my drink and went back out to join everyone else figuring i wasnt going to be able to have any fun the neighbor. The party went real good and i got pretty wasted and when people started leaving i deicded it was time to go too and since i didnt bring a date my ex sister in law told me to just spend the nite there that they didnt want me driving home in my condition. I told her i was alright and she said no i wasnt and said they had the room that i could sleep on the pull out couch in the basement since the neighbors daughter was using the guest room down there.

She went down and got the couch ready while i sat and talked with my ex brother in law. When she came back up we sat talking for a little longer and i finally said i was going down to bed and said good night. I went down and got undressed and went to bed and was just starting to fall asleep when i heard laughing upstairs. It woke me up and i layed there listening and realized that their daughter and the neighbors daughter had come home. I layed there listening to them and lit a cigarette while they talked and after i was finished i put it out and layed back to go to sleep. I layed there and then heard them saying good night and heard my ex sister in law tell the neighbors daughter to be quiet when she went down that i was pretty drunk and was staying over and sleeping on the couch. She said oh ok and then i heard them at the top of the stairs and heard my ex sister in law say she would leave the lite in the stairway on incase she had to come up thru the nite. She said ok and good night and started down the stairs. I was thinking of pulling off the covers so when she came down she would get a nice look but was a little to wasted to even worry about showing off to her. I layed there trying to sleep and heard her come down and walk by and go to the guest room. I fell asleep and woke up a while later and had to go to the bathroom and got up and pulled my pants on and went up to go. After i was thur i came back down and got undressed and went back to bed and was falling aslleep and heard noise in the guest room. I had sobered up some and didnt know what was going on but figured if she came out i would have a little fun and kicked the covers all the way off except for one leg and layed there. I layed there waiting to see if she was getting up but she never did and i fell asleep like i was.

Im not sure how long i did sleep but half woke up when i thought i felt something touching my ****. I thought i was dreaming and just layed there and started going back to sleep and then felt something again. I opened my eyes a crack and looked and saw a shadow next to the bed. I layed there with my eyes cracked a little looking and after a minute i felt it again and saw that the neighbors daughter was kneeling there. She knelt there looking at me and then would reach out and touch my **** moving it around looking. I just layed there letting her check me out but knowing she was checking me out got me a little excited and i started getting hard. I layed there enjoying it and just let her play and check me out. I got fully hard and she just stayed there checking me out for awhile then got up and went into the guest room. I figured she had seen enough and decided to go to bed but after a minute i heard her coming back. I didnt move and just layed there with my eyes closed when i noticed a little flicker of lite. I didn tknow what it was and then caught it again and opened my eyes enough to see and she was standing there snapping pictures of me with her phone. My neice and her had seen me before and even took some pictures of me while i layed there acting like i was asleep but i guess she wanted more. She took a few pictures of me just laying there then i felt her reach out and grab my **** and pick it up and saw the flash go off again. She was enjoying herself taking pictures of me and i was having fun letting her and moved a little and spread my legs open for her. When i did she let go of my **** and walked away but when i didnt do anything else stopped and came back. I kept my eyes opened a crack watching her and she stood there a few minutes then took a couple more pictures and then moved to the end of the bed and i felt her lean on the bed in between my legs and snap some pictures up close of my balls. She stood back up and just stood there and i figured she was thru and was just checking me out a bit more before she went back to bed.

I just closed my eyes and figured we had some fun and would go back to sleep. I was wrong about her going back to bed when i felt her grab my **** and lift it up and start playing with me again. I opened my eyes a crack again watching her and then saw her lean over me. I layed there watching and she set the phone down and pulled her t shirt up and picked up the phone agian. She bent down and held my **** up and held it against her nipple and took a couple pictures. Her **** werent very big but for a sixteen year old but it wasnt that bad looking at all, but nowhere near what her mom has. She pulled her shirt back down and stood there then knelt down. I didnt know what she was going to do next then saw her lean over and hold my **** close to her mouth like she was going to suck me and take some more pictures. She quit playing with me and knelt there looking at the pictures. She was kneeling there looking at the pictures and i thought to myself should i let her know i was awake and ask her if she would like me to pose for her or let her watch me get myself off and take some pictures. I was laying there trying to decide when she reached over and grabbed my **** again. She leaned over and held my **** next to her mouth again then i saw her stick her tongue out and take a picture. I was going nuts and almost opened my mouth to say something to her when she leaned over again and wrapped her lips around the head of my **** to take another shot. She took it and just as she did i shifted and pushed my **** into her mouth an little bit and moaned. She jumped and pulled away but didnt leave and just knelt there to make sure i wasnt awake. She stayed there a minute more but i think she got a bit nervous that i was going to wake up and got up and went back into the guest room. When i got up in the morning i went upstairs and my ex brother and sister in law were up but the girls were still in bed. I stayed and visited for a little while then took off and never got to see her to see what reaction she was going to have when she saw me.

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Jan 6, 2013