After Garage Sale

i was just finishing up on my garage sale when this older lady stopped and walled up. we started talking and we realized we both enjoy books by the dame authors. she told me she jad lots up books that i would like. she told me she wpuld drop them off in an hour or so
i told her great. i fimished ip got a qiick shower and was naked and teady for her to show up
30 minutes layer i heard her car stop
i saw jer walking up
i had my **** semi hard
she rang the door bell
i waited 15 seconds then opened the door and hiding behind the door
she said hi can i come in. i told her i just got out of the shower and i have nothing on. she laughed and said i seen plenty and then she came in. i told her please sit down. she did. i remained standing and stood right in front of jer
my **** was at he eye level and i was about 2 feet from her. she was looking she then asked what that metal thing around your balls. i told her t it was a 2 pound ball weight. i walked closer to her to see. i grabbed my balls and told her to grab them and feel the weight. so she rea hed and grabbed my balls and said wow that is heavy
doesn't that hurt. i told jer it used too a long time ago but not anymore. zhe was still holding my balls. my **** was getting hard. my **** wwas rubbing against her arm. she grapped my **** with her other hand. she told me it has been awhile since she has touched a ****. she let go of my balls and started stroking my **** for about 10 strokes then stopped. she said i hoped you didn't mind. i said no
i was hoping you finished me. she laughed amd said maybe next time. she got up and walked to the door amd daid enjoy the books. i told her i would
and thank you. she left. that was alot more than i expected.

ballstretcher ballstretcher
51-55, M
Jan 10, 2013