Using Hookers

every once in a while i pick up a hooker and let them watch me jack off. well a couple weeks ago i picked one up and she told me she had a hotel room. so we went. so when we were in the room i told her i wanted to get naked and jack off while she watched. so i get naked and she sees my ball weights and she says wait i want some of my friend's to see that. she thought my ball weights were so hot. she comes back with 2 of her friends. i standing and all 3 come stand next to me. they start playing with my ball weights. they loved them. so i start stroking and get my **** hard. the one says oh yea he wants to jack off while we watch. they say cool. so i stroke and stroke and can't ***. i tried for 5 or more minutes. that was enough for me. i leave and go to my car. i then realize i left my car keys on the room. i go back knock on the door. the girl i picked up earlier says come in come in. thete ate 7 girls there amd she says this is the guy i was telling you about. so the other girls want to see my bsall weights. so i say ok and take my clothes off. the new girls walk over and each one grab my balls and lift them up and can't believe tthe weights i have on. so the same girll says he wants to jack off while we watch. so i start stroking and my **** gets hard. i can tell i am going to ***. so i slow down to relish the moment. 7 young girls watching me stroke and waiting for me to ***. by far the most at one time to watch me. so i am stroking and really enjoying it. i decide to give them a real good show. i stroke and stroke and shoot my load in my hand. then i see the
watching. i start licking the *** in my hand and i lick all of it from my hand. those ladies really got off on that. i did to. sp i got dress and got my keys and started to leave. all 7 of them came over and told they enjoyed the whole time i was there
none seen ball weights before and none seen a guy eat his own *** before.
ballstretcher ballstretcher
51-55, M
Jan 10, 2013