Ride Worked Out

I was driving naked from the waist down one day and I saw this young lady standing in a parking lot behind a bus stop. I pulled in the parking lot initially just to look at her and jack off using her as motivation. She was part black, but very light complexion with green eyes and even had some freckles around her eyes and nose. She was the definition of thick in all the right places. A big round butt and nice big plump ****. So, I pull in and back into a space so I can see her. As I get started she comes walking over to me. She walks up and says can you give me a ride? I said, yeah if you don't care that I'm naked. She looks in the window and looks down at my crotch and says, oh ****, you are naked. I said yeah, did you think I was lying and laughed. She said that's fine and got in. She started asking me questions about why I was naked and I told her I was a nudist and just to keep her from getting too nervous I told her it wasn't a sexual thing, I just like being naked. She said that's cool, so I started driving and took her to where she needed to go. So, we get there and I'm thinking this didn't go very well, but then when she is starting to get out, she says would you mind taking me a couple more places, I have some errands and it would take me all day if I take the bus. So, I told her that was fine, but I had one place to go first and she was cool with that and walked off.

I nervously sat in the parking lot getting chubbed up and waiting for her to come back out. I saw her walking to the truck with a smile on her face as I was stroking and I got hard. She got in and saw my hard on and said were you thinking about me? And then she laughed. I said as a matter of fact I was, it is kind of difficult to hide it. She said she was flattered and we drove off. She didn't say much more about it at that point and I went soft again as we were driving. So, I drive to where I needed to go and I put my shorts on and got out of the truck and walked in and took care of the paperwork things I needed to and then came back out to the truck. She got in the truck first and I took my shorts off right there in the parking lot before I got in while she was watching me. She smiled and said that's kind of hot, but aren't you afraid of getting caught. I said nobody around here is paying attention. She looked around at the people going about their business and said yeah, I guess you're right. So, we start driving again and I took her to her second destination, that was pretty uneventful I was naked, but she wasn't paying a whole lot of attention at this point. Then I said I was hungry and asked her if she wanted some lunch. She said, oh are you going to buy me lunch? I said well, I figure it's the least I can do since you're willing to drive around with me naked. She laughed and said ok. Well, at this point I decided since the subject was there I would give her permission to look, so I said you can look, it's ok I know I'm naked. So, I drove to a subway and when I pulled in the parking lot and stopped I looked over and she is staring at my ****. She says I want to see it get hard again. I said well talk to it, so she leans down and says get hard for me baby and blew on the head. Her warm breath caused me to rise to the occasion and she smiled and said that is so hot. I said we can play more after we eat, so we went into the place and ordered some food.

While standing in line she is behind me and she leans in and whispers in my ear, do you think that girl behind the counter can tell you aren't wearing underwear? I said I don't know, what do you think? She then reaches around and strokes me through my shorts and gets me hard and says she can now. Just then the girl came up to take our order and looked straight at my **** bulging in my shorts. Wow, I got to bulge flash the girl behind the counter because it turned on the girl who was riding with me. What a day this was turning out to be. So, we got our food and sat down in a booth and she kept playing with me and asked me to pull my **** out right there so she could see it again. So, I unzipped my shorts and told her, you pull it out. She pulled it out and played with it a little and then I said we need to get some privacy some where. We were done eating, so I put my **** back in my shorts and threw away our garbage and we went back to the truck. I ******** for her in the parking lot again.

Now, when we got back in the truck she sat right next to me and said make it hard for me again. So, I started stroking for her while we were driving down the road. I was stroking real slow and stopping at the base so she could see me at full mast. She was licking her lips and smiling and then it happened. She said I have to suck it. I said by all means. So, she scooted over toward the passenger side and leaned down and started an awesome slow slurping blow job. Then she says this is a bad angle we need to pull over somewhere, so I found an area where there was a small parking lot that wasn't too crowded and pulled in. While driving to that area I told her I needed to see her ****, I could see them bouncing in her shirt and it was driving me crazy. She obliged, but told me if she showed them I had to suck them and bite her nipples. Well, of course, I wouldn't have it any other way. They were plump and beautiful with big brown nipples that were very responsive. Now, we're in the parking lot and she has me swing my right leg over her head and up against the back of the seat. She is now positioned with her head between my legs and she arches her back and rubs her **** up my legs and then when her face is at my ****, she goes down on me with passion. She was deep throating me and spitting, and slurping. There was so much saliva it was running down my hip. She would occasionally sit up and stroke my **** looking at it glistening with all her saliva on it. She said that is beautiful. If I had more time I would sit on it, mmmmm, I can feel it. Then she took my hand and put it down her pants and said see what you're doing to me and she was sopping wet. She pulled my hand back out and licked her own ***** juice off my fingers and then went back to one of the most mind blowing blow jobs I've ever had. She came up for air and said I don't even do this for my boyfriend and then smiled and went back down. Then she started a rhythm and her head was bobbing up and down faster and faster going all the way to the base and back up to the head, it felt sooooooooo good. I couldn't take it any more and I told her I'm going to ***, and she said mmhm. What a beautiful sound that was, that means go ahead I want it. So, my legs tightened up and and I started to spasm and shot a huge load in her mouth. She took it all, and kept milking me slowly as I continued to spasm with each thrust. Then she sat up and showed me the *** in her mouth and then swallowed it. She said that's my favorite flavor. This girl was a freak. Talk about luck. Well, at this point she says, what time is it and I told her and she said oh ****, I have to get to work. So, I took her to work and dropped her off. She gave me her phone number and said call me later, I need to have that beautiful **** inside of me. She blew me a kiss and walked off. What a wonderful day that was.
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Thank you for the comments. I know I enjoyed experiencing it.

Damn that's a great story!