Nude Beach In Tulum

I went to Cancun, Mexico and then took a bus to Tulum, some 40 miles south, where there is a small youth hostel to stay that even has a ride to the beach. Most of the young girls are from Europe in winter time here. So parents also bring the kids like from France, as it is cheaper here than Europe. Most the girls from Europe have no problem going topless and they are infatuated with the American ****, which are circumcized and some are much thicker than the uncircumsized leaner dicks, so they don't mind getting a good look at a naked American **** with balls on the beach.
But at the same time the mom also is not shy about bring along her family with a teen boy & girl also naked without a stitch on walking together all over the beach, as they have no problem with staring eyes as well as cameras. While the American girl is shaved, the European girls are not shaved, showing some bush as well leaving a little mystery left about what is beyond the bush she is not afraid of displaying and enjoys also being admired! Their small boobs are also visible and perky with succulent nipples displayed as they roam all over the beach not bothered by on lookers. It is definitely a delight to look ; but, sometimes this causes an erection while the girls are quick to notice. if the beach is not crowded one might be able with stroking his **** with sun tanning lotion in front of the women as they watch intentively as you rub yourself with the lotion. If you get giggles and stares of approval, it would not be hard to continue stroking until you have managed to shoot a load onto the sand. Also some of the American girls love getting their pics taken with a guy with a big **** to show back home to other girlfriends who missed out of all the fun as they oggle the naked guy with hard erections, wanting to know if she went out with him and all the details!
Barebeachbum Barebeachbum
61-65, M
Jan 11, 2013