Photo Shoot

This is a true story from a few years back.

I saw a classified ad in a local paper during a visit to a city quite a distance from my home. I was there for a three day symposium and once business was done, I had evenings of bordeom stretching ahead.

The ad offered 'intimate photographic services to men or women' so intrigued, I called the number.

A man answered and said it would cost me £30, he was available that night and was happy to shoot whatever I wanted. This rather dates when it happened as the payment covered 36 pictures - the maximum available on a film roll and a full set of prints along with the negatives would be mine to keep 24 hours later.

This was a fantasy of mine. Exhibiting my body without shame in front of a stranger and even better, posing so it was captured forever on film. I booked on the spot and two hours later, I was knocking on the door up on the fourth floor of a faceless apartment block.

The guy answered and welcomed me in to a room in which lights were already set up along with a background sheet attached to the wall.

He asked what sort of pictures I wanted and brought out a portfolio to show me. There were girls and there were guys and there were also couples. They were tastefully shot, rather arty but not especially revealing.

I wondered if I had misunderstood the ad and said I wanted a set that was a bit more 'exposed'. He pulled another book of pics and these were closer to what I wanted. Figures semi clad and fully naked were my fantasy and I could feel stirrings in my crotch!

He sat me at a full blown make up mirror complete with 'Hollywood' lights and applied a light foundation to my skin to take away any sheen and then showed my to a changing room where there was a kimono style cotton dressing gown.

I quickly ******** naked, put on the gown and came back out. He was behind the camera and very business like as I got ready for my first pose. The ties to the gown stayed tied and he did a couple of shots like that.

Then I undid the ties and half let the gown open so he could see that I was naked - it revealed the left hand side of my body from torso to leg. Then I let things open a bit more so that there was a hint of pubic hair and the briefest glimpse of my penis.

Emboldened and excited to be parading myself before this stranger, I undid the garment completely and opened it in a 'flasher pose', showing off my thick and decent length **** to him. He snapped away, the flashes firing and whining up to recharge.

I slipped the gown off and held it over my crotch and then threw it away, placing my hand there instead to cover what I could. Now I was full frontal nude and we did several more pictures as I held my **** down, peeled back the foreskin to show off my glans and held it pointing upwards to reveal my large testicles.

While it was a turn on, I was not fully hard which made my **** look naturally huge and still pointing downwards.

He continues to snap away as I turned and exposed myself and with arounf 5 shots remaining, he suddenly put the camera down, came over to me and shook me by taking hold of my **** and giving it several strokes. 'Come on man' he said 'let make it really hard for the final few'.

Well it worked. It was such a turn on to be touched by a guy, naked and aroused as he captured me in all my glory and the final two pictures had me on my back lying on the floor, with him up a step ladder shooting directly down, capturing my hand around my hard erection with a pool of *** spattered across my chest.

It was so great being this object that he clearly enjoyed looking at and when I was back 24 hours later, it was a repeat as I thumbed through the 36 pictures, seeing my nudity and growing arousal as the photographer looked at them with me. There were around 8 shots that really got me going and looking at them with this guy got me hard all over again.

Having nothing to hide from this guy, I unzipped my trousers, pulled them to my ankles and let my **** free so I could properly stroke my arousal. He reached across, took my hand away and replaced them with his as he slowly wanked me to ****** as we flicked back and forth through my naked photo set. Beautiful!

He gave me my album along with the negatives and it was the best £30 I had ever spent. I've no idea if he secretly printed off a second set of pictures and if he did, I hope they continue to give him as much pleasure as they continue to give me.
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Jan 12, 2013