Time For Teasing!

With the weather staying so warm, there's time for showing off around here.
Hubby is always on me to wear something sexy, or showy, or hot, so I took him at his word, and did just that.
Would you have watched?
ShowingSue ShowingSue
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24 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Yes. Looking for the pics??

I would watch you anywhere.

no question

Yup. Gladly would watch

Watched, voyeured, filmed, approached...

I would come over and offeryou a drink as well as stare intently and smile

I would love to watch

You bet

And drooled, and imagined! lol

that's an absolute!

Most definitely!!!

I think so but hubby forgot to include the photo.

Most definitely

always time to watch a sexy woman.

I would love to watch!!!!!

Hell yes!!!

Most assuredly I would watch and would welcome an encore!!! You are Gorgeous!

I would want to do more than look

Tease me, ...please!? I'd definitely watch you anytime !

Of course i would ..


I would certainly have watched.

I'd have watched till my eyes bled....grabbed the Visine, and watched some more. Please add me

Absolutely, I'm not looking away from a good show!