Prolonged, Forced Nudity Transformed Me Into A Quasi-exhibitionist!

i have just recently been "freed" from being abducted, and subsequently held hostage totally captive. in bondage 98% of the time, and the only one amongst my fellow 10 hostage buddies to spend the 3+ years we were held totally stark naked! Although incredibly horrified when i lost the only clothes i was wearing, within about a month or so, i had no choice but to abandon my inhibitions, and accept, as well as be totally unashamed of being the lone naked hostage! This no doubt laid the foundation for my natural inclination these days to ***** down fully naked wherever/whenever i am able to! So, i find myself getting naked at the beach, whenever i am able to get away with it in a park, at leather bars, in gym locker rooms, and any other place conducive to going naked! i went to the Folsom Street Festival in SF this past year completely naked head to toe, on collar and leash as my **** buddies token slave! So ******* cool walking through SF without a single stitch of clothing on my body! Other cool things that i have done since loving exhibition, was groomsmen in a gay all nude wedding, sailing naked, driving across country for 3 days with the only clothes i even brought locked in the trunk, and after losing everything i was wearing at a ***** poker game, i was actually forced to make my way home bareassed naked just as the sun began to rise, about 3 miles of walking/sprinting naked in a totally urban area! The coolest thing by far that i have done naked, and that i really got off baring my body to everyone was snow-skiing in New Mexico completely naked except for my ski boots and sunglasses! It proved to be a total exhibitionist's delight since they do allow nude skiing there but both days i was skiing naked there, i was one of just 3 others skiing naked, so that made for a lot staring from others! Would love to hear some of the coolest, most unusual places other guys have gone naked, and how far will you take exhibitionism? Thanks, and stay naked everyone!
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Would love to hear more about the ***** poker and having to run 3miles naked...

what did you do for 3 years naked sand bound

Nice interesting arousing story, thank you for sharing