Burning Wet

They had collected all models for an advertisement. The cigarettes and cigars were to be used, but since the ban restricts its promotion. The advertising agency thought a bit of *********** would be helpful.
So, they got the packets and wrappers torn open and lighted few cigars and cigarettes, lips they sucked the end butt..then the models were asked to light up ..from their lips the butt was now placed in their ******* and *** hole..so few were bending, others were standing with one leg over a chair..but all had one burning cigar stuck in their holes.The smoke was filling the room, it was all smoky, if anyone's found their burning end getting off, they lighted up another.
After, the session the pictures were selected, the best were of *** all in a circle with a thick burning cigar, and the men would take it from there and puff it up..and the seond was with cigarettes in ******* and men licking the **** after they take out the butt and smoke..and say..burns my desires..
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you want to see pictures

Awesome modeling agency! ;-)

Was the theme called "taking a puff"? lol