My Experience At The Dry Cleaner

The dry cleaner that I use is run by a very attractive asian woman in her mid-thirty's. Her name is Mimi. Last summer, my job required some travel, and a suit and tie. So i visited the cleaners almost every week. I always chatted with the pretty owner. She was interested in my job and the places i would visit. It got so that she would greet me when i came in, "Hi Paul,
Where you go this week?" I loved her broken English, and her lovely smile.

One afternoon, I went in to drop off my cleaning. As usual for that time of year I was wearing a T-shirt and sweat pants. I usually don't put on underwear until after my run and shower, which hadn't happened that day, so I was "commando" at the time. In her shop she had a small rack on which she displayed used clothes of different types - usually old ties and shirts.
I never payed much attention to the rack, but this day i saw a really nice pair of cotton khaki pants. When Mimi saw me looking at them she said, "Oh, you like those pants. Very nice just ten dollar! But too big for you, size 36 waist. I can fix. You try on!"

Mimi pointed behind the counter to an area that was hidden from view. I then had to explain my situation. I said, "I will have to come back. i am not wearing underwear." She said, "Ok, ok, you try on in here please." and pointed again to the place behind the counter. I thought maybe she didnt understand what i said, so i pointed to my sweatpants and said again,
"but i have no underpants on!" She looked at me with her pretty little smile, "Yes, yes, ok, I know. It's ok, you try on here. Nobody see you." Now it occurred to me that I would be in this shop, naked from the waist down, while changing into these pants. I wondered if Mimi would see me. The thought of exposing my body to this beautiful sweet woman had its usual effect. I began to become erect as a walked behind the couter and entered the fitting area.

Mimi handed me the pants and said, "You put on now please." and walked out of my view. The fitting area, while out of the view of the public, was clearly visible from the rest of the shop. There were no curtains, no doors, just a small platform to stand on with a chair beside it, and a table on which there was sewing equipment. I lowered my sweatpants and stepped out of them. I caught a glimpse of myself in the wall mirror which was opposite me. I saw myself with no pants on, and a semi_erect penis. I waited a few seconds hoping that Mimi would come in and see me like this, but I didn't want to be obvious about putting on a show so I put on the new pants. Mimi was right about the size. The pants were way to big around my waist. I had to hold on to them so they wouldn't slip down.

Mimi came in and sat next to me in the chair. She looked at the pants and said, "I can fix, no problem." She took the waistband in her hand and said, "Hands at your side please." I dropped my hands. And, as i did, the back of the pants, where she was not holding them, slid down and exposed the top of my bare *** to her view. I could see her, and my exposed self, in the mirror as she looked at me. I saw her blush just a bit, and then i saw her little smile. I knew then that she was actually enjoying this. I was loving it too and my semi-hard penis responded accordingly. It swelled and pushed against the material of the pants. With her pretty face just inches from my now hard penis, Mimi made some marks on the waistband, the whole time looking at the bulge in the front and my exposed butt crack. And then she took her hands away! Just like that! Now, with my hands still at my sides the pants slipped down my waist and became held up only by my erection! I feigned modesty and grabbed them. Mimi stood up and said, "Give to me now please. I will fix. You pick up tomorrow. Ok?" And then, to my surpise and delight, she stood, smiling, with her hand out, waiting for me to give her the pants!

My whole body was shaking with excitement. My mouth was dry, and now my penis was fully rigid. Obediently, I opened the top of the pants and let them fall around my ankles. My erection bounced out in full view. Mimi just stood there and looked at me. Again, i feigned embarrassment. Covering my now throbbing erection with my hands i said, "I'm so sorry, I... I... " She interrupted with a sing-song voice, "Don't shame. I see you It's ok." With that I honestly almost had an ****** right there. I dropped may hands and stood in front of her, my ***** visibly pulsating with excitement.

Now Mimi came over, sat down next to me, and took the pants from around my ankles. I stepped out of them for her, first one foot, and then the other. In the mirror I watched her looking at me as she did this. First, she moved her head back and inspected me from behind, getting a close up view of my exposed ***. Then, taking the garment off my other foot, she moved to the front, and thoroughly inspected my hard **** and tight balls with her eyes. I stood with the most embarrassed look i could muster. She then smiled, "You shy boy?" I could hardly talk. I whimpered, "Um, I... I... " Then she actually giggled, "Dont shy", she cooed, "You young boy. It is natural this." and she pointed to my *****! All I could say was, "Um.. yes Miss Mimi." Mimi stood up and looked me up and down. Before leaving the fitting area she giggled again, "don't shy boy. I see you. It's ok". I could hardly walk home.
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Hello and thanks for your comments. I have been back to my dry cleaners many times since this happened. Mimi has never mentioned our intimate experience, but she looks at me differently now. She still asks about my travels, but now when I come in, she always has a different look on her face. It is an "I saw you naked with a *****" look. I love it! Hopefully, I will see another pair of pants on that rack. and, this time, if I am wearing undies, I'll go home and take them off before I return and ask about them.

Oh, the pants fit great! they are one of my favorites. But I can't put them on without thinking of how Mimi looked at me when she was sizing them. I think of them as my "***** pants" because i usually get one when I'm putting them on!