Love Teasing

I love being nude in the outdoors.

I frequently will be outside nude either at the beach or in a park.

I love it when people walk buy and notice that I am nude and may get exited looking at me.

When I go out I ensure to dress to tease. Nice short skirt with G-String making certain my *** can be seen with the slightest breeze..

At bars I love just bending over slightly so guys can see my butt.

Occasionally I have had my *** grabbed as a guy walk past quickly. I just love the thought that I am teasing guys at the bar.

I wonder if the guys go to the bathroom to relief themselves after my show.

Will take more pics outside to put up in my album.

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4 Responses Jan 16, 2013

they ll be more teased if u din wear any underwear

U tease, but it sounds like u luv it:-)

It would be nice to watch a guy get himself off from seeing your sexy body and see him *** all over himself, lol?

I am sure there are those that do just that. It's in the genes! Keep showing...tease to please always.