******* And Exposed Breast At The Movies (WITH PIC!)

We finally got a fairly nice day in Texas and I was able to wear a skirt with a short top and no jacket. It was pretty windy out and my skirt was short and flared. When we headed out every time I walked between two cars my skirt would fly up. Now Bill has seen the skirt flare a few times but has missed a few upskirts, which he is very upset about. Well this morning he saw my skirt fly up around me and he just loved it! With no panties on, he just got this huge smile on his face. Of course now, he has his phone on the ready to hopefully get the right shot.

The Gangster Squad just opened and we decided to go see the movie. As we were walking to the theatre my skirt was swirling around me and Bill took some shots but not the one he wanted. I’m feeling slightly embarrassed because the wind was pretty strong and it seemed my skirt was constantly flying up and there was quite a few people lining up to buy tickets. I know guys were watching me quite closely as we got to the ticket counter. We got to our seat and we were quite surprised that the movie wasn’t as crowded as we thought it would be. Nobody was behind us and just a few people in front of us. Bill put his arm around me but only to push my top down to expose one breast. The theatre wasn’t dark yet so I was a bit uncomfortable but let him keep my breast exposed. I stayed like that for about five minutes and then more people started to come in and I was too self-conscious so I pulled the shirt back to cover my breast.

A couple came and sat behind us and another couple sat in the row in front of us and slightly to my right. As the lights dimmed I lowered my top to expose my left breast, the one closest to Bill. He looked at me with a smile and rubbed his thumb and finger over the nipple to get it hard (or I guess harder than what it already was). The movie started and we snuggled close to watch. Bill would occasionally rub my nipple and then move to the other one and rub it through my top. He said he didn’t want to neglect the one that was covered. Then his hand moved down to my skirt and soon he had his fingers between my legs, rubbing my **** and trying to get me off. For some reason (don’t ask me why) I kept closing my leg. I don’t know why I didn’t want to get off, I don’t think I would make too much noise, but for some reason, I kept blocking his fingers. So I had my legs crossed showing a lot of thigh and maybe more and one breast exposed when the guy in front of us turned his head and looked at us. I got embarrassed and covered up my breast, Bill just looked at me, I’m sure wondering why did I do that. When the movie was over and the lights came back on the guy in front stood up and pretended to stretch his back as he looked at us again, maybe hoping to see more but probably wanting to know who would show their breasts in the movies. As we were headed out, Bill asked my why I covered my breast when he had already seen it bare. I’m still learning this stuff and getting more bold every day so next time hopefully I won’t cover up and when the movie is over instead of just surreptitiously seeing the man looking at me, I will look directly at him and give him a smile. I will let you know if that happens.

As we leave the theatre and go outside, the wind is still very strong. Most people are heading straight out to the parking lot but we parked to the side so we started walking down the walkway and my skirt flies up around my waist exposing my *** and ***** for anyone to see. Since nobody is directly around us we aren’t sure if people saw from the parking lot or not but if they did, they got a full shot. Bill just started cracking up, he just loved seeing my skirt up around my waist. He was just mad he didn’t get a shot. I’m sure there will be many chances in the future. The pic shown here doesn’t really show much but this is the best shot he got. Believe me, he will always keep trying. Needless to say, we had a fun afternoon as we were out and about!
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your husband is a very lucky man xxx

Love it!


Very nice experience for you both plus the lucky people who got to see your treats


Very hot! Those initial steps of discovery where you push your limits a little are amazing!!!

I d like to run into the two of you at the movies

u hate wearing panties my kind of girl u r so yummmmmy I like windy days


You are an amazing woman! Love how hot it makes you to expose in public! And we all want to see much more!!

You will see more! I'm sure new pics will be added soon!

Id follow you for miles sexy hot babe ! mmmmmmmmmmmm

Thanks a lot!

awesome...I love ******* peeks and looks...I love it when women wear short skirt and no undies... :)

Glad you liked it, it was a fun day and that skirt was perfect for a windy day!

OMG this is a fantastic shot... can only immagine what was the real time view... Awwww... Kiss

Thanks, it actually happened a few times! It was very windy and the skirt just flew up!

Yes reminded me of a "long time exposure" experience similar to this in at the windy Golden Gate bridge in SF... The girl of about 20 was wearing pink tiny knickers... and it was soo arousing... maybe if I was outside of the movies with you i would not only be be dropping my jaw, salivating, but also having very wet underwear for sure... wet and swollen underwear lol

******* with no panty on .....

Of course, the only way to go!

If I ever go to florida I'll be lookn for ya

I'll be waiting!

Untill then be sure not to moon a werewolf.

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Love the story and pic

Nice nipples. and great story

was rubbing my hard **** while reading this story, girl i would love catching you in a movie theater while i was there, hell i would even try and reach back and help your man with that sweet body of yours

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

lol girl i more then enjoyed it , enjoy is a understatement by a long ways,haha, but i did get off on it ;)

Well getting off is definitely way better! It is great to know that I can have that effect on guys. Any good movies playing?

lol movie? i don't think it would matter what movie was on cause things would be going on that the movie would be the farthest thing on our mind,haha

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Really like reading about your adventure. Hope you do some more like that or more daring. Thanks

mmm, ready to go to the movies right now!...lol

Me too!

I loved the story a few days ago, so glad you added the photo, what a sweet pair of legs, and the breezy day must have made a lot of guys ( not just Bill) happy!

I'm glad you liked the story and if I made other guys happy, the more the merrier!

You are awesome! Wish there were more women out there like you :)

Well thank you, I appreciate that. I am really having fun.