Jd Watched Bill And I Have Sex

I’m finally back in Texas with Bill so that means no more cam sex, finally!! I mean, while you are away from someone it is great to have but to finally touch him again, lay my head on his chest, well you just can’t replace that. But JD isn't here and we want to include him in some of our sexcapades. So last week we were able to cam with him and he watched Bill and I have sex.

You know, I thought I was going to be nervous but I wasn’t. I was sitting on the bed with just a t-shirt on when JD texted that he was able to log on. Bill, of course, was fully clothed. Bill set up the laptop on the TV stand which gave a full view of the bed.

I have to break from the story and apologize that my recollections of everything that happened probably isn’t very clear. I can tell you what happened but not the sequence and I’m sure I missed a lot of what JD was saying as he watched us. Next time we will definitely have to record so we can watch what we did. Oh my, I’m getting wet just thinking about that! Why do you think that in my 50’s I’m so horny! I really don’t recall being this horny in my 30’s or 40’s. I guess I will attribute this to Bill and how much he turns me on. Or maybe because I am finally coming out of my shell (thanks Bill) and I realize how hot it is to fantasize about more than one sexual partner at a time or how hot it is to walk around with my breasts almost falling out of my tops or that you can see through my tops and my nipples are hard. Yes, right now my nipples are hard just thinking about it. Okay, need to get on with the story or I will be getting out the toys since Bill isn’t here. I would love to suck him off right now but he is working. A whole different story, god, I love his **** in my mouth. Okay, let’s not get too off track now. But I have to tell you that I have wanted to give Bill a blow job for 2 days now and I think I’m in withdrawal or something. Okay, I need to get back to the story.

So I’m sitting up in bed when JD logs on and we can all see each other. For those of you who don’t know JD, I have to tell you he has the best sense of humor. He can have me laughing in seconds and I know he wants to make me less nervous so he starts out being funny. We talk a bit and then I think Bill tells me to spread my legs so I do and with nothing on but a t-shirt, JD should have a pretty good view. Then Bill starts kissing me and this is when I forget what happens. I know Bill licked my ***** until I was squirming and ******* multiple times, then we got naked and Bill’s **** made its way home. We did many positions so JD could have a good view. I know I was on my back, hands and knees, sitting on Bill’s **** facing JD. Sometime between those positions I had Bill’s **** in my mouth. I would look at the screen and see JD watching intently or see him with his hard **** in his hand. Oh yeah, that was hot. Bill was quietly talking to me, saying how hot I am and he can’t wait to see me with a **** in my mouth and a **** in my *****. Then Bill had my legs up over my head and was pounding into me, his balls slapping against my wet *****. So I hope you understand why I can’t recollect exactly what happened. But I can tell you that it was way hot to hear JD when he came. He is very vocal, which I love, and then Bill came inside me and I could feel him pulse as he did. God, I just love that feeling. His *** was dripping out of me when he pulled out to show JD. So yeah, this was a hot experience! I can’t wait until we actually meet. Do you think I will be nervous then?
Guess what, Bill just walked in. Do you think I will get my blow job in now? I sure hope so, I want to swallow him all down. Also, JD and I have been texting while I have been writing this story and I just have to say, I am so horny right now!!!!

In case you were wondering, I did suck Bill’s ****. He was so accommodating, isn’t he such a sweet guy to let me do this to him. I had him read this before I pounced on him, so his **** was leaking by the time I got it into my mouth. Mmmm, so good. So now that I’m able to concentrate again, I see that this story could have so much more content but I’m not going to change it now. Just in the future, I have to realize I can’t really concentrate on writing a story when I’m horny. So note to me, have sex, give Bill a BJ or cam sex with JD before trying to write a story again. Or if all else fails, I’ll log onto EP and see who is available. Until next time.

Happy Birthday, JD. I’m glad you shared it with us.
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Wow you are one hot mama. I wonder what you taste like

yum i like to play like you worte above wannsa watch or join in ????/ becky &Tom tulsas,ok

You sound like a truly amazing woman. Good for you.

Thanks! I'm having so much fun and loving every minute of it!

That is very hot! Can't hardly wait to hear about it happening in real life! And I want to be involved in that adventure!!