Asking Directions?

I love to drive naked in the car every chance I get (even in the daytime and through the city), but since it is well and good into winter around here, I had to modify it a little bit. I decided to substitute naked with humiliating, so I went to the local Goodwill store and found a black lace nightgown (about knee length) that will fit. The slit in the skirt is directly on the front of the left thigh and is nearly all the way up to my waist. The slit also has a tendency to slide around to the front as I walk in it. I originally purchased this outfit as one of the challenge clothes in another dare a lady friend and I will do sometime this summer, but figured I might as well get my money’s worth with it.

I have armed myself with custom built directions in the three closest cities. They are doctored Google map directions with occasional streets omitted, facilitating the need to ask someone for directions. I also have an alternate which is handwritten instructions (in a fancy script with purple ink) just naming an address on a very obscure road in a fairly large rural town with a name that is easy to mispronounce (this is for use whenever I am not in an area my other directions could logically get me to).

I went out one evening, but the late hour and the cold made it very hard to find ladies out for a walk (or even couples). I did have a little success when my directions took me next to a college, but the helpful young lady couldn’t find the road I was looking for on her phone. She was standing right next to my driver’s window, with a friend standing about 5 feet back, but she didn’t seem to notice that I was wearing a “dress” or that it failed to cover my privates (because of an adjustment of the slit when I sit down).

Near midnight, I decided to take a back way home; down country roads and through towns small enough not to have anyone walking, so I decided to modify the dare (since I wasn’t quite ready to quit yet). Since I needed to get something from the store anyway, I decided to put on my jacket (which only reaches to slightly below my hips) and go in wearing the nightgown. There were only a few people, and only the self-check lanes were open (with the attendant helping other customers) so nobody noticed what I was wearing. I decided to stop by a mini-mart with my hand-written note to ask for directions.

However, each one I came to either had men visible behind the counter or were very busy with a lot of male customers (neither situation was one I wanted to handle), so I kept driving. After a couple of more vetoes, I decided to do a punishment by not zipping up my jacket, but again I didn’t have any luck. As it was getting around 12:30, I had to up my punishment and took my jacket off (when I did this, I would be wearing NOTHING but a revealing lace nightgown and slippers – actually water shoes). Soon after this, I finally hit the right combination, a mini mart with a young lady behind the counter and only a single customer.

I pulled into the lot and pretended to talk on my cell phone until the customer left, then I got up my nerve and quickly went inside (it was below freezing and windy, so haste was understandable). Right when I almost reached the door, the clerk came to the door to sweep some debris outside and she held the door for me as I quickly scooted inside. I asked her where this town was while holding out the note (purposely mispronouncing the name). She corrected my pronunciation and gave me simple directions to the town without moving back at all, leaving us standing in very tight proximity right next to the front door. The town was only about 10 miles up the road I was on, but then she asked if I had a specific location I was looking for. I showed her the note, and she leaned in to read it, actually pressing her boob against my arm (the note starts with “In order to get your clothes back…” which would explain why I was dressed like that).

She was unfamiliar with the street and said it can’t be in the town, because she knows all the roads in the town. I was going to let it go at that, but then she moved over to a rack of maps by the door and said “let’s see if we can find it”. She opened the map to the page of the town but was unable to locate the road on the map (I saw it immediately, but I knew where to look). She apologized for not being able to help more but suggested that I ask at a gas station in the town. I said, “I was hoping not to have to get out too often, but I guess that is the best idea. Thank you for your help.” Her eyes blatantly scanned up and down my state of near undress and said with a little smirk “You’re welcome, good luck.” [I know that the slit in the gown had slid off the thigh when I ran in and moved a little more when I turned to see the map, but I was not sure if my **** was still covered or not – and I was not going to check since that would be too obvious. If she had stared down low, then I could have checked without looking like it was intentional.]

I ran back to my car and got in just as another car was pulling into the lot. I stopped at a Dunkin Donuts to get a bite to eat and got a scare when a police car pulled up right behind me in the drive thorough. I quickly and subtly slipped on a pair of black shorts (which were hidden behind my passenger seat) just in case, but luckily the cop was just there to buy some donuts.
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Ask ME for directions sometime hub?!