Follow-up / Continuation Of "asking Directions"

(If you have not first read “Asking Directions”, please do so first. This is a follow-up / continuation of that post)

I have done this numerous times since then, at different locations around the area, mostly in the late evening. I always carefully try to “scout” the location first to make sure it is not a man on duty. I also try to avoid (for the most part) stores which have customers or which are located on very busy roads. Most of the time the clerk is cooperative, very polite, and professional, but the one time as soon as I entered the store (a young Hispanic girl) said “you’re naked under there, you can’t come in here” and refused to help me at all even though I was only one block from my destination (I ran back out before she could call the cops). Most of the time however after I leave the store and glance back, the clerk is cracking up laughing.

Only once was I asked about what I was wearing. I was on the outskirts of the town and she wasn’t familiar with the road, but wanted to see if she could find it on her phone. She was petite and pretty in her early 20’s. When she went into the back room to get her phone, I moved away from the counter to the back of the store to both be less visible to anyone outside and the security cameras, and to be able to see what she was doing better. After she got the phone, she came back to the counter and just simply asked “Scavenger Hunt?” I replied “Unfortunately no, my girlfriend is getting me back for a prank I pulled this summer. I basically had a choice of wearing this (tugging on the nightgown) or nothing, so I felt something was better than nothing.” She laughingly agreed and punched the address into her GPS getting an immediate result, except that it was giving the wrong starting point. It took her a while to get oriented to give me proper directions. During this time she asked what I did to my GF, and I replied that I pulled the strings on her bikini top in a hotel pool (pure fiction, but plausible). She surprised me by saying that someone did that to her once as well (which made me glance briefly at her small but perky breasts). We then finished the directions and I thanked her and left.

The only time I really pushed the envelope, was once when I did this challenge early on a Saturday morning. I went to a grocery store which opens before dawn (wearing shorts and my jacket over the nightgown because I am a regular there and people know me). On the way home, I had to keep vetoing place after place and eventually well after daybreak (around 9:30 to 10:00 a.m.) I pulled into the lot of a convenience store JUST off the exit of an Interstate. There were two people at the gas pumps but inside the store were two clerks both gorgeous blondes who appeared to be about college age. The one was behind the counter while the other was stocking the candy shelf. I decided to go for it, got out and sprinted into the store (immediately going around to the side of the counter where the girl was stocking the shelf to be less visible from the pumps and quickly asked them for directions. They started to give me directions to the wrong town until the one behind the counter read my note, then they debated on which route (since it was quite a distance away).

Eventually I was asked what type of route I preferred and I told her the one with the least number of turns. She ejected some blank register tape and wrote me directions. In the meanwhile, her partner went back to stocking the shelves (originally we were in each other’s way until I moved to the side for her). In the time it took to write the directions, the girl who was stocking checked out about 3 or 4 customers who came in (nobody said a thing, even though I did get a few funny looks).

I am trying to locate another nightgown to use for this dare, since between the mesh and the high slit, I will be in big trouble if a cop happens to come by. A gown with fuller coverage would be just as embarrassing, but much more legal.
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Jan 19, 2013