Once Upon A Time

I've always been a little bit of an exhibitionist I guess. Bit of a voyeour too. But the first time I really got into it was one year when on vacation. There were a few friends we would go on vacation with, sightseeing, fishing and what. We would rent cabins at the same resort in Minnesota, or Wisconsin, and have a great time for a week.
This one night in particuliar, we had a big camp fire going, and was sitting around talking,laughing, drinking and pestering the **** out of each other. One guy had brought up a video recorder, and was trying to get video's of who ever he could catch, coming out of the toilet, out if the shower house, or what ever.
Tonight he was up to his usual antic's, with the camera. It was warm and he was trying to get video's down the front of his sister-in-law, another friends wife, and my wife's halter tops, or blouses. He put the camera down to go to the outdoor toilet. His sister-in-law snatched it up while he was in there,slung the door open and recorded him taking a leak. Nothing was too visible, but everyone got a good laugh. It did get the ball rolling for a little more daring video's though.
After a while I was getting a little tired, so I bid them all good night, and headed off to our cabin, and to bed. I walked in to the bedroom, and turned on the light, and sat on the foot of the bed, and started to take off my shoes. There is a window near the bed that had some small thin curtains on it, that we kept open during the day.
I heard a bump against the side of the cabin, and figured either him or his sister-in-law were sneeking around with the video camera again. I had just enough to drink to be feeling kinda kinky, so I thought I would leave the curtains open while I ******** down to my underwear.
I moved to the side of the bed away from the window, so I was facing away from them. I slipped out of my t-shirt, stood up and unbuckled my belt and started to slip my jeans down. Suddely I got the urge to take my underwear off too. I put mu thumbs in the elastic of my undies, and down they come also. I was still facing away from the window. Although I was completely naked, all that was visible to them was my back side, but I was sure, my balls and maybe my **** was a little visible too. I could feel the blood starting to fill my ****, making thicken, and lenghten slightly. I then got the urge to give them all a good look, while appearing that I was unaware that they were even watching.
I turned and walked around the foot of the bed to the side that the window was on. My thickening **** was still hanging some what limp, but was getting more aroused. It was swaying back and forth as I walked around to the side of the bed. I sat down face them, scratched my balls, rubbed my ****, and the laid down on the bed . By now my **** was semi-erect, and was starting to get it's own mind about things. As I lay on my back, my **** was soon rock hard and standing straight in the air. All thick 7-1/2 inches was totally visible to them. This was a very erotic, and sexy feeling. I finilly fell asleep after a while, and woke the next morning still in the same position.
My wife told me that " YOu give them quite a show last night, the whole thing is on video." She didn't appear to be too upset about it. I later found out that it was both of my friends wives that had videoed me. The ones friends wife couldn't even look at me without getting all red faced, and embreassed. The other friends wife only smiled, and had a gleam in her eyes. Later in the week when she was alone with me, she said she definately liked what she saw, and if the oppertunity ever arose, she wanted some of it. I thought she was just flirting and teasing. I found out later that year, she was not. That's another story.
I realized that night that I liked showing what I have off to those who care to look. I wear sweat pants and short's most often with out any underwear anymore. I love the looks I occationaly get.
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Right on. I'da done the same thing. It's fun to let people see what they're supposedly not supposed to, and be on the lookout for shows, too. Makes life more interesting!

Then show me already!!

I'm in NYC area. How about you? You can show me in person.