Hotel Fun

We have just been away for the weekend and stayed in a nice hotel in London. Normally my wife is fairly reserved although we have been to nude beaches before she does not normally like to flash.

This weekend I got her to come out of her shell a bit.  The first thing I persuaded her to do was to come to the sauna with me in the hotel, although there was no one else around she opened her legs and dropped the towel so her **** were uncovered and stroked her ***** for me.  We both got very turned on.  When she got dressed to go back to our room she left her bra off.  The hotel had a glass elevator on the outside of the building and as we were going up I got her to flash her **** so that anyone looking up could see her.

When we got back to our room and we were getting showered and changed before we went out for dinner I persuaded her to stand completely naked in the hotel window.  I had to do it first before she would do it.  We both found this sexy and exciting.  

When we went out she dressed in a skirt with hold up stockings and some silky panties.  We got back to the hotel after dinner and went up to leave our coats in our room before we went for a drink in the bar.  As well as leaving her coat in the room she also left her knickers.  We went down and sat at the bar on the high stools, as she lifted herself up on to the stool she accidentally flashed her *****, I saw it but I couldn't tell whether anyone else did.  As we sat having a drink she occasionally flashed her ***** at me, sometimes running her finger between her ***** lips and then licking her finger.  This was driving me wild.  I don't think anyone else could see her but it was so sexy seeing her do this in a public place with plenty of people about.  We didn't last long in the bar before we had to go back up to the room to ****.

After we had sucked each other for sometime I persuaded her to let me take some sexy pics of her.  It was really horny she was spreading her ***** open while I photographed her.  Then I talked her into going into the hotel corridor wearing just a robe and she held the robe open showing she was just wearing hold ups and high heels while I took some more photos.  Nobody came along but it was still really sexy and we had to go back in for some serious ******* as we were so turned on.
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sounds like a real horny night!