Locker Room Rarity....

I've been working out at a gym a few times a week since college. Yes, I actually do it to keep in shape. But I admit I like the benefit of checking out hot guys in the gym and especially the locker room. I've never openly "cruised" for sex in a locker room as it could lead to disaster. But, the exhibitionist in me got the better of me tonight for the first time ever.

I went to a branch gym (24Hour Fitness) that I only go to a few times a year at most. I went there specifically because I wanted to try showing off a little in the showers after my workout and the showers there are good for that. I trimmed my pubes this week and love the look and feel - I just left a small trimmed tuft above my **** - it sends a clear message! Anyway, the showers at this gym have partitions and curtains and there are two rows facing each other. The curtains are heavy plastic and never close all the way no matter what you do. But tonight I left mine open more than half way deliberately.

There was a guy a few stalls down who finished up and stepped out to dry off. He stopped, pretty obviously, right where he had a straight view into my stall and spent a couple minutes drying himself off, sneaking peeks at every opportunity, but nothing TOO obvious. He was kind of chub bear (definitely NOT my type) but being in a "showoff" mood I kind of liked that he was enjoying looking at me. So I ignored him and was careful to never look in his direction so he could watch as much as he wanted. I wasn't 100% certain he was interested so I just did my normal shower routine.

After a few minutes, once he was obviously dried off, he left and I went on with my shower. Not a minute later he was back and entered the stall across from mine (and one over so his view angle was right) and started showering again. That was an obvious signal so I started my lather routine over again purely for his enjoyment. I didn't get hard but I started a definite chub! It felt great and It was fun soaping my self up, turning this way and that, leaning back so my **** stuck out in profile, turning my back so he could watch me soap up my ***, etc. Again, I didn't get hard, but my minor chub from the first viewing turned into a definite chub, more than enough to show I was liking it!

I stole a few glances at his stall. He had the curtain mostly closed but made a point of showing his **** in profile through the gap as he lathered it up and he DID get totally hard. Thankfully our eyes never met which somehow made it hotter for me - like I was truly being spied on. I enjoyed it for a few more minutes then called it quits.

I think I'll go back to that gym again when the mood strikes, see if my luck holds. Maybe I'll be horny enough to give a full show!
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Had another good one at the gym today after work. Very hot kid, mid 20's, nice hairy bod in an Italian sort of way, plus he was wearing chic nerd glasses. I always like guys in glasses for some reason. I was getting undressed after my workout and he walked by coming from the pool area. He definitely gave me that look. A few minutes later I was in the shower, I always use a booth that has a partial view from the locker room area. I noticed he was standing back in the locker area at just the right spot and was definitely staring. I love pretending like I have no clue they're watching by NEVER making eye contact. I lathered up including my face so I couldn't see and ended up soaping up about a half hard on. It was a good couple minutes before I cleared my eyes and amazingly he was STILL standing there watching. Loved it. I didn't want to go any farther so I dried off out of view and he was gone when I left. Fun time.

I love giving and watching shower shows!

There are at least half a dozen 24Hour Fitness gyms in Phoenix. I only go to three with any regularity. I plan to check out all the others, see how they compare (showoff-wise!!)