Are Exhibitionists Normal People?

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and I'm sure it was entirely because of my response to a previous question by them. They asked the question "Are you a pervert?" and I mentioned nudism and exhibitionism in my response. They then informed me that exhibitionists and nudists are worse then perverts, then asked the question as to whether they were normal people or not. I'm amazed that with all the possibilities that can be considered to be perverted, that they consider nudity and a desire to be seen nude to be worse than all other possibilities. It feels so normal to me that sometimes I fail to realize how irrational some people's attitudes are when it comes to the naked body.
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I agree with you. People nowadays seem to terrified of the human body that anything associated with it is disgusting. I admit that my desire to exhibit myself is a little "kinky," but it's primarily something that I enjoy and keep to myself. So what's the big deal is someone "accidentally" sees me naked?

I believe been naked (nude) is only normal I don't consider my self a pervert. I just like to get home and take off my work clothes. We were born nude. I think we like to exhibit our body in different ways like to show the best parts of our bodies chest, face, hair legs. Etc. And some of us just like to show it all.

perfectly normal to be nude and proud of your body. what isn't normal is people that aren't comfortable with their body they think that if you like to show yours then you must want to do it at any time and to anyone regardless of their age or sex. This is not true at all.
It is like some people in the community saying if you wear revealing clothes you are asking to be rapped. I love my wife to show herself and she really enjoys it as well. She did it to a friend and he got annoyed when she wouldn't let him touch her. People need to get away from being nude is about sex. Be comfortable in yourself and never mind what other people think.

It's as normal as the day we are born. Nudism is beautiful. Exhibitionism is just another way to express oneself.

I agree with you